Native Breast Imaging

Support mammography screening and diagnostic workflows throughout the enterprise without dedicated mammography workstations.

Experience the Power of One viewer for multiple modalities, removing barriers to efficiency, while helping radiologists achieve their goal of high quality patient care.


Native capability with the Centricity Universal Viewer now supports mammography screening and diagnostic workflows, which can support the reduction of costs associated with procuring and operating dedicated mammography workstations.1


With the ability to utilize other patient priors, including CT, MRI, and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) in the diagnosis as well as other patient reports such as clinical notes, pathology reports, Centricity Universal Viewer helps to support a more confident diagnosis while speeding up your reading time.2



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  1. Through simplification of IT infrastructure
  2. Rafferty EA, Park JM, Philpotts LE, et al. Assessing Radiologist Performance Using Combined Digital Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis Compared with Digital Mammography Alone: Results of a Multicenter, Multireader Trial. Radiology. 2013;266(1):104-113. doi:10.1148/radiol.12120674.