Vscan Air™ Portable Ultrasound Systems

The Vscan Air family delivers portable, pocket-sized ultrasound devices to enable clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care – transforming the physical exam with more information to determine the optimized course of treatment.
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Vscan Handheld Ultrasound


    Vscan Air™ handheld ultrasound

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    Handheld ultrasound system benefits

    Accelerate treatment decisions

    Handheld ultrasound enables you to make quick diagnostic decisions to help triage patients quickly.

    Greater efficiency

    Handheld ultrasound enables diagnosis at the point of care, helping healthcare professionals avoid further investigations.

    The power to diagnose and act in the palm of your hand

    Handheld ultrasound fits in your pocket, making it extremely portable and convenient.

    Improve patient experience

    Handheld ultrasound accelerates decisions to help reduce patient wait times, travel burden, and costs.


    Handheld ultrasound enables you to have diagnostic capabilities wherever you need them.

    Flexible, wireless workflow

    With handheld ultrasound at the bedside, you can improve patient management through streamlined decisions.

    Point of care handheld ultrasound for your specialty

    Seamlessly integrate Vscan Air into your practice. Clinician feedback drives our ultra-portable innovations to ensure they are easy to use, intuitive to navigate, and right for your point of care use.



    Innovation in handheld ultrasound is revolutionizing the use of ultrasound by healthcare professionals and helping to enable more personalized care for patients worldwide.

    Pocket-sized handheld ultrasound provides clinicians with a tool to complement the physical exam for focused assessments at the point-of-care.

    Handheld ultrasound provides a unique value as an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable ultrasound tool clinicians can have literally on hand to evaluate and triage patients, enabling them to get answers quickly to help accelerate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

    Handheld ultrasound can help improve healthcare outcomes and potentially lower costs by reducing patient wait times and offering a more efficient workflow. It supports increased confidence by supplementing the information gathered throughout the clinical evaluation. Can improve practice management, patient follow-up and referrals to specialists, or in emergencies can help avoid unnecessary referrals and long wait times for additional care.
    The use of handheld ultrasound as part of the physical exam may improve patient care. Handheld ultrasound is valuable in enabling clinicians to see what they could only feel or hear at the point-of-care prior to the handheld ultrasound exam.

    Delivering information at the point-of-care for decision-making, handheld ultrasound helps clinicians optimize healthcare operations, services, and experience.
    Yes!  Vscan Air CL and Vscan Air SL probes pair with the Vscan Air app which is user-validated to be intuitive and easy to use. User support tools on our Vscan Air support web portal provide online services to enhance the Vscan Air experience – from product information to video tutorials to clinical and service support.
    B-mode: Black/white imaging – black-and-white mode for displaying anatomy in two dimensions in real time

    Color Doppler: Color flow – color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging

    PW: Pulsed wave spectral Doppler – displays speed and direction of blood flow allowing velocity measurements

    M-Mode: Motion mode – displays tissue motion over time (along one direction as indicated by M-mode cursor)
    Yes, both Vscan Air SL and CL probes use GE HealthCare’s industry-leading dual-probe (2-in-1) technology enabling you to scan patients effortlessly without switching probes between, or during, exams. Complete both shallow and deep ultrasound scans with one probe.

    The Vscan Air SL is a flexible, wireless dual-probe with sector phased array and linear array transducers. The Vscan Air CL is a wireless, dual probe with curved array and linear array transducers.

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