Patient Monitoring Solutions for Precision Care

Care that can flex with changing patient needs



GE HealthCare-experienced physicians believe our monitoring solutions are clinically innovative*


GE HealthCare-experienced clinicians believe we deliver clinical excellence in monitoring solutions*


GE HealthCare-experienced clinicians recommend our monitoring solutions*

One unified monitoring solution for every patient need, at every point of care

Our flexible and tailored monitoring solution provides the technology, parameters, and processes to get your teams the information they need to meet the dynamic needs of their patients, no matter where care happens.

Enable clinical and operational flexibility now and into the future with our FlexAcuity™ approach

Gain clinical flexibility through a single hardware platform that adapts to patient needs.

Realize operational flexibility with a common user experience to facilitate staff training as well as services to help keep your solutions ready to go.

Standardize with one unified monitoring solution for consistency across devices and acuities.

Extend care outside of the hospital with robust remote care management that connects the full care pathway.

From ambulatory patients to the most critical cases, our patient monitors flex to deliver accurate clinical information care teams can trust.

Help your teams navigate dynamic patient needs

Enable care teams to quickly see and intelligently connect informative insights to meet rapidly evolving patient needs.

Provide patient-centric monitoring for complete and consistent patient data throughout your hospital or network.

Support care quality with centralized data viewing and care protocol management.

Sound clinical decisions come from identifying the trends and insights that emerge from the multitude of data.


Improve clinical outcomes with patient monitoring excellence to support your care decisions

Prevent unnecessary care escalation with complete patient insights and advanced algorithms that enable clinicians to detect patient deterioration earlier.

Support your clinical decisions with the industry’s most trusted patient monitoring hardware, software, algorithms, parameters, and consumables.

Support care quality with optimized alarm configurations as well as advanced algorithms that improve surveillance, reduce alarm fatigue, improve workflow and create a quieter healing space for patients and their families.

Let us help your care teams achieve even greater clinical excellence.

What's new

Introducing the Portrait VSM monitor

The next evolution of the DINAMAP™ vital signs legacy

Introducing Portrait™ Mobile monitoring solution

A wearable, wireless continuous solution that provides a real-time personalized view of the patient.


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*Rankings, ratings, and additional metrics obtained via a 2022 double-blind survey of 99 US clinicians with experience using Patient Monitoring, Anesthesia, Diagnostic Cardiology, Maternal & Infant Care, and Digital Application technologies comparing medical devices.

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