Streamlines the flow of cardiac data throughout the department with MUSE NX, allowing secure, role-based access to all who need it.
  • MAC™️ 5

    Simple. A powerful and portable solution delivering high-quality ECG exams in just a few clicks.
  • CASE Exercise Testing System

    The CASE™ Exercise Testing System is a stand-alone, highly scalable exercise testing solution helps physicians quickly and easily assess cardiac function during...
  • Marquette 12SL

    Meet your clinical needs for precise1 measurement and accurate, interpretation with GE Healthcare's Marquette* 12SL ECG computerized analysis program.
  • CardioDay 2.6 Holter ECG

    The only Holter ECG system compatible with GE Holter recorders, bedside monitors, telemetry, and MUSE systems—delivering a streamlined end-to-end workflow solution t...