LOGIQ General Imaging

Every patient. Every solution. Every need. They’re all different – every day. You need an ultrasound system that can navigate these challenges with you. A trusted companion. It’s time to meet LOGIQ™.

LOGIQ E10 Series

Empowering you to make the difference with next-generation, leadership ultrasound that adapts to your needs. Confident diagnoses, comprehensive tools, concise workflow – they all add up to a smart investment in ultrasound, today and into the future.

LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound

Confident diagnosis

Full body imaging: head to toe, obese to thin, neonate to geriatric

Comprehensive tools

Gain a new level of confidence in your diagnostic decisions with advanced tools

Concise workflow

Leverage artificial intelligence to achieve workflow efficiency

Smart investment

A to A digital platform for next-generation capabilties in the years ahead

LOGIQ E10s Ultrasound

Confident diagnosis

Exceptional images and clinical flexiblity for whole body imaging

Comprehensive tools

Expanded focus on expert tools for a wide variety of applications

Concise workflow

Stay ahead of your daily challenges with new levels of workflow efficiency

Smart investment

Scalable configurations to meet your patient needs and support your growth

LOGIQ Fortis

This powerfully-streamlined solution helps you deliver on the promise of confident care. Technology powerful enough so you can conduct a full spectrum of exams and procedures … and compact enough to let you image patients in almost any space.
LOGIQ Fortis

LOGIQ Fortis Ultrasound

Exceeding your expectations

cSound™Architecture facilitates next-generation imaging

Optimizing your productivity

AI tools streamline workflow and sleek design makes it simple to manuever

Maximizing your investment

Easily scaled to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow

Expand your potential

Advanced diagnostics that work together in virtually any setting

LOGIQ P Series

Easy to use. Easy to own. With personalized workflow tools and automation for efficiency. Expanded patient-centric capabilties for flexibility. And powerful support for long-term value. The LOGIQ P Series offers advanced features with everyday affordability.
LOGIQ P9 XDclear

LOGIQ P10 XDClear Ultrasound

Personalized workflow

Customizable workflow features deliver high efficiency your way


Multi-purpose capabilities to perform a wide range of exams

Powerful support

Optimize system uptime and utitlization

LOGIQ P9 XDclear

Personalized workflow

Automation and tools offer efficiency to support the way you work


Robust set of advanced features offer diagnostic flexibility

Powerful support

Industry-leading cybersecurity, data management and educational resources

LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0+

Simply amazing. Exceptional balance of performance and price in a lightweight, portable system. Provides superb imaging – see and quantify liver disease in a single exam. Simplifies workflow with built-in automation. And scales to your needs with a wide choice of options.
LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0+

LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0+ Ultrasound

Superb imaging

Supports applications like abdominal, cardiac, and OB/GYN, vascular and MSK

Simplified workflow

Enjoy an intuitive keyboard, large touchscreen and built-in automation tools

Scalable to your needs

Access a wide range of sophisticated optional clinical tools

Your trusted companion for every body

Ultrasound Transducers

SonoDefense Cyber Security

Ultrasound Reporting

Remote device management

Digital Expert

Always ready. Always by your side.

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