Digital Expert

Virtual connection. Real life impact.

Virtual connectivity

Enables real-time training and support from staff within your own network

Peer collaboration

Collaborate with peers and staff, virtually—from anywhere, anytime

Tailored training

Ensure equipment proficiency with basic to advanced training options

Increased efficiency

Raise the confidence and skill level of current staff and new hires

The future of virtual connectivity starts with real-time, peer-to-peer collaboration and equipment training when and where you need it.

Using a mobile tablet connected directly to your ultrasound equipment, Digital Expert provides users the ability to interact with peers at various locations to get support before, after, or even during an exam.

Training and support designed around you

Digital Expert gives you virtual connectivity where and when you need it—maximizing the full potential of your equipment and enabling ALL-NEW peer-to-peer collaboration designed around the way you work. Enhancing confidence, minimizing disruptions, and helping standardize care across your department, Digital Expert connects you to the future of collaboration, training, and support.

Ultrasound equipment training

Clinical training for new and existing users is made easy so you can enhance your confidence and standardize care across your department.


  • • Provides a more personalized and tailored interaction with trainers
  • • Allows you to ensure that your ultrasound staff are proficient with basic to advanced operation of the equipment
  • • Delivers hands-on and didactic learning options, allowing instructors to view your primary display during courses
  • • Flexible and convenient scheduling with next-day course options

Peer-to-peer live virtual collaboration

With Digital Expert you have access to clinical training and the live peer-to-peer virtual collaboration you need to feel confident in performing both routine and less common exams*—ultimately helping to improve patient care with consistently accurate and efficient clinical images for informed decision making.

  • • Get face-to-face support from a lead sonographer, cardiologist, or radiologist before, during* or even after an exam, so you always have instant access to assistance as needed
  • • Access peer-to-peer collaboration more discreetly with chat functionality, giving you the support you need without disrupting an exam
  • • Pursue reduced error rates with boosted confidence that can lead to better exam quality, competence, and quality of care

Increase efficiency with real-time training

Digital Expert helps you accelerate your clinical throughput by raising the skill levels of your current staff and new hires alike—helping to improve better equipment usage, workflow, and profitability.


  • • Foster a positive and nurturing work culture with easily connected support for new and existing staff
  • • Open the doors for more virtual training and education opportunities
  • • Help boost department efficiency and promote a high-quality of patient care

Additional Features

Audio/video capabilities

Live, face-to-face collaboration via a tablet within the exam room

Seamless user mangagement

Ensure only those with permissions have control and access

Instant messaging and on-screen chat

Seamlessly message with colleagues without disrupting exams

Screen sharing & live annotation

Combined with a live scan feed, draw shapes, and use text on-screen*

Technical support when you need it

Confidently navigate the performance of your GE Healthcare Digital Expert experience. From setup and configuration to connectivity and connection issues, our customer service team is here when you need them. or call (833) 901-0860

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