Patient Care Solutions

Easing the way to more confident patient care

We are providing key capabilities to help make healthcare more effective

As healthcare providers continue to face fast-changing realities and work to address industry challenges, GE HealthCare has aligned our five capabilities to make the largest possible impact.

5 Key capabilities to guide our solution focus

Patient care needs don’t stop at the walls of the care center. Clinicians need to provide care wherever their patients are — whether at a hospital, a physician’s office, a surgery center or at home. Our trusted devices and solutions provide a high-quality, seamless, site-agnostic care experience, backed by exceptional service support and education.
Data is critical to gaining insights and helping clinicians make faster, more informed care decisions. Our solutions work together to provide clinicians with the information they need, where they need it — to help drive better outcomes.
By helping to simplify the way care teams work, we can reduce staff burdens, so that they can better focus on their patients.
A smart, unified view of your business operations is essential to running an efficient, compliant organization. By providing exceptional operational support, we can help you develop new business models and innovations, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of care you deliver.
We have a responsibility not only to patients, but to our communities and society at large. By putting sustainability and responsibility at the heart of everything we do, we can ensure a positive social and environmental impact on the world, which will ultimately improve patient lives and the future of healthcare.

We see beyond traditional healthcare to solve today’s patient care needs

At GE HealthCare, we’re partnering with clinicians to provide innovative medical technology, digital diagnostics and connected tools. When a caregiver has access to our pioneering intelligent devices and data analytics, patients benefit.

Surgical & Procedural Care

Providing reliability and efficiency in our data and devices, especially during surgical and procedural care, is core to the mission of GE HealthCare.


We provide solutions that enable you to monitor patients easily and efficiently. Our goal: enable you to respond faster to ensure better patient outcomes.

Critical Care

We want to make it simple for you to access clinically relevant information at the time you need it most — during critical care.


Our businesses seek to lead the new era of precise, connected, and compassionate care

Building on a heritage of 130 years of innovation, safety, and trust, our businesses are designed to address today’s extraordinary change in the universal experience of health and place patient care at the center of all we do.

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Digital & virtual care

Through our clinical decision support and collaborative solutions, we can provide precision care that makes a difference to patients through intelligent technology.


Our expert service team will be there through the entire lifecycle of our products, so you can have peace of mind in the moments that matter most. Want to learn more about our Patient Care Solutions Service Offerings?


Whether you are expanding the capabilities of your equipment with a new accessory or simply replacing a routinely used consumable, you have to trust that it will work.

Not all products or features are available in all markets.
Rankings, ratings, and additional metrics obtained via a 2022 double-blind survey of 99 US clinicians with experience using Patient Monitoring, Anesthesia, Diagnostic Cardiology, Maternal & Infant Care, and Digital Applications technologies comparing medical device manufacturers.

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