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    Creating a more sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants

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    RSNA 2022

    Increasing access for more patients, when and where they need it most

    We believe more patients need greater access to imaging. Greater access means providing care where the patient seeks care and throughout the patient care journey, from early detection, diagnosis, staging and treatment planning, to therapeutic delivery and monitoring.

    Improving capacity and efficiency with streamlined workflows and less rework

    We believe solving the challenge for workflow and operational efficiency is critical to improving capacity. And, the adoption of AI applications are making an impact in areas such as improvements in exam set up, protocoling and patient positioning.

    Advancing precision diagnostics and therapeutics to improve patient outcomes

    We believe when diagnostics and precision therapies are integrated, outcomes improve. The ability to identify areas of disease with targeted therapies is invaluable to cancer patients. Therefore, we are committed to expanding the promise of theranostics.

    Enabling connectivity, resilience, and agility with AI and digitization

    We believe AI and digitalization are essential to progress to enable precision health. And we are approaching AI and the digital transformation holistically across on-device applications, integration in workflows, and across the enterprise.

    Addressing environmental impact to achieve lasting sustainability

    We believe a ‘healthy planet equals healthy patients’. And, we continue to sharpen our strategic focus on our role in responding to climate change. Our environmental and sustainability efforts support our goals of working toward precision health.

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