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Clinical Economics

Clinical Economics

The use of ultrasound at the point of care provides the opportunity to improve clinical outcomes across many applications. However, it also has a great economic impact on healthcare.

With ultrasound, you have a real-time, and precise guide for procedures in the office or at the bedside. Ultimately, the ability to help improve outcomes, reduce risk, and control costs can impact the clinical economics for the healthcare system and the overall experience for the patient.

Download our review paper, the clinical economics of ultrasound-guided procedures. This paper summarizes the published economic evidence comparing ultrasound-guided procedures with other techniques in order to better understand the potential cost savings, benefits, and value impact - highlighted by specialty and procedure.

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DICOM Conformance Statements

DICOM Conformance Statements for GE Healthcare products are made available so that our current and future customers may assess their detailed capabilities in terms of their support of the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine Standard adopted worldwide.

Ultrasound DICOM conformance statements