GE Healthcare Addresses COVID-19


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What's New

  • COVID-Resource-Handheld-Thumb

    Empower Your Care

    Vscan Extend™ helping in the management of COVID-19 patients.

    Vscan Extend can be used to scan the lungs and monitor progression of acute respiratory diseases.
  • SenobrightHD

    SenoBright™ HD - Contrast Mammography

    Remove uncertainty. Enable fast, clear decisions. Improve patient experience. Reduce costs. Strikingly cleardiagnostic mammograms that take less time
  • SNR Air Technology

    Level up your image quality with AIR™ Recon DL

    Improve SNR, image sharpness and shorten scan times in MR imaging. Introducing AIR™ Recon DL for clinical excellence without conventional compromises.