Advances in our diagnostic imaging systems empower you to more accurately treat neurological diseases.


Neurologists need the right imaging tools to accurately diagnose and treat neurological disease. Our innovative diagnostic tools offer advanced imaging and detection features designed to help enhance your assessment capabilities. From diagnostic imaging equipment and agents, health information and consultancy to patient monitoring and life support, our range of diagnostic solutions are designed to help enhance your neurology capabilities.


Our advanced diagnostic imaging systems and monitoring solutions help you to diagnose and treat neurological traumas

In the ER and ICU, neurological trauma requires rapid assessment to enable fast and accurate intervention. Whether it’s a traumatic brain injury or post surgical care, GE Healthcare offers you MRI, CT and ultrasound scanning as well as the monitoring solutions you need for rapid diagnosis and patient management decisions. We provide you with more than just an image.  


Our brain imaging tools provide essential information for effective differential diagnosis and treatment planning.

Managing neurodegenerative disorders remains a key challenge for healthcare professionals today. Our advanced diagnostic imaging systems provide you with information that is essential for effective differential diagnosis and treatment planning. Our multimodality offering includes MRI, CT and Molecular Imaging systems and imaging agents.


Our innovative technologies provide information to help you accurately diagnose neurovascular disease.

Neurovascular disease is a major cause of death and disability worldwide. GE Healthcare offers innovative imaging technologies designed to help you diagnose neurovascular conditions. Our advanced technology includes diagnostic cardiology, ultrasound scanning, CT, MRI and interventional X-ray systems.

Patient Pathway Management

We offer a full complement of consulting solutions and workflow systems to help optimize your resources and efficiency of care.

Our value and service to you doesn’t end with innovative diagnostic tools. We offer a full complement of consulting solutions designed to help optimize the use of your resources and enhance efficiency of care. In addition our easy-to-use PACS and EMR systems allow you to better manage and optimize your patient workflow.