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We understand your challenges and situations often differ dramatically from those encountered in commercial healthcare systems. The complexity of injuries, diseases, and rehabilitation diagnoses that can result from combat, blast injuries, and toxin exposure is challenging. So is your mission to provide quality care for military service members, Veterans, and their families – so you can have a medically ready workforce and your patients can thrive throughout their lives.


Delivering timely and integrated care requires specialized technology across a broad range of specialties. Systems must work in tandem to provide care from the individual’s entry into the military through their transition into civilian life. It’s a tough mission – especially when you layer in VA MISSION Act, logistics, economic, bureaucratic and patient data challenges.


We're here to help

We've been serving Veterans and active duty military for decades - in fact, as far back as 1917. GE Healthcare’s portfolio of products can go on every hospital floor. We are a leader in medical imaging, patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, data analytics and decision support tools empowering healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. Our dedicated Federal Account Executives are focused on helping you navigate, optimize and maintain the resources and technology you need to succeed.

Bottom line, your mission is our mission.

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Veterans Health Administration
GE Healthcare has been serving active-duty military and Veterans for decades. Our dedicated team understands the complex challenges you often face, and collaborate with you, finding solutions to help you improve healthcare for your patients.


Military Health System
A mobile patient-centered care experience is critical to deliver health care anytime, anywhere in support of the full range of military operations. Diagnostic tools must meet these needs in a wide range of conditions.

  • Breast Health for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    Breast health is an important part of cancer prevention and treatment for all women. The Military Health System and VA medical facilities are there for them as Servicewomen and Women Veterans, and just women.


    Risk factors include dense breast tissue, microcalcifications, BRCA mutations, obesity and family history. Meeting the breast health needs of every woman as well as those with these special considerations can be challenging.
    Our Breast Health solutions can help.

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  • X-ray for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    The complexity of injuries that can arise from combat situations is challenging.  Standard radiography is often the first diagnostic test for most chest, orthopedic and trauma patients. Complex cases are often referred for additional medical imaging which may result in scheduling delays, in higher radiation exposure and a delay in diagnosis and treatment that could also mean more anxiety, inconvenience and discomfort for the patient.


    Help uncover information within conventional 2D radiographic imaging with our Advanced Clinical Applications.

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  • Cardiac Care for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer of Americans, and the leading cause of hospitalization in the VA health care system.1 Those who have served face distinct health challenges, including higher rates of coronary heart disease and heart attack than their civilian peers.2


    Saving time and streamlining care means getting a clear, high-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) the first time. A comprehensive suite of proven advanced clinical capabilities from GE Healthcare provides the decision support needed to make faster, more confident assessments of cardiac risk.

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  • OB & GYN Care for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    Women serve in every branch of the military, and are a growing number of the total Veteran population. The Military Health System and VA medical facilities across the country and abroad provide care for these Servicewomen and Women Veterans in all medical care areas, including obstetric and gynecologic health.


    GE Healthcare’s Voluson™ family of ultrasound systems can help provide outstanding care and diagnostic confidence in OB and GYN for all women while providing efficiency and workflow enhancements to keep processes and departments running smoothly.

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  • Urology Care for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among veterans.3  It can be challenging to get ultrasound images of sufficient quality to visualize lesions in prostate, bladder and kidneys, and to determine which ones are the likeliest candidates for biopsy.


    LOGIQ™ Ultrasound systems provide high-quality images, workflow efficiencies, and specialized tools to enable confident and efficient prostate and urology exams.

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  • MR for Active Duty Military and Veterans

    Veteran patients are not only looking for an accurate diagnosis from their physician, but for a positive diagnostic imaging experience as well. We understand that PTSD triggers, like loud noises and confined spaces, can cause anxiety and flashbacks.


    GE Healthcare imaging systems are designed specifically with the patient in mind, enabling patients to feel relaxed during their exams. Our goal is to elevate the patient experience helping to improve patient comfort while simultaneously enabling technologists to obtain clear and detailed images quickly.

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  • Service Solutions for the Federal Health Sector

    Our CONUS and OCONUS service teams understand the unique needs of the Federal Health Sector, providing service solutions that go beyond “break-fix”, to help drive quality, productivity and cost savings.


    Our experienced teams can help optimize system performance with asset management and service expertise, help improve your uptime goals and reduce budgets with easy parts ordering on Service Shop, training material, or back-up labor, based on what you need.

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Serving the Federal Sector since 1917

We have a history of serving the the military, starting in 1917 when GE supplied x-ray units to the War Department. This commitment to the Federal Sector has continued to adapt and grow, ranging from readiness support in the field and innovative technology solutions, to corporate support and employment opportunities for those who served our great country.
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2. America’s Health Rankings of Those Who Have Served Report, 2016, United Health Foundation, Minnetonka, MN.

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