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Oncology Solutions

GE HealthCare partners with our Federal customers to expand screening opportunities and accessibility for veterans. We help diagnose cancers at early stages so patient outcomes are not compromised and treatment options can be less invasive and costly.
  • Understanding the impact of airborne hazards and toxic exposures

    Burn pits were a common way to dispose of waste at military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan by burning garbage with aviation fuel. Toxins in burn pit smoke may affect the skin, eyes, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tracts, and other internal organs. 93.7% of Veterans who reported information to the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit registry reported a burn pit exposure during deployment.

Leveraging technology in the cancer care pathway

  • CT Imaging

    • Deep learning image reconstruction promises unparalleled benefits for patients, along with the radiologists and technologists dedicated to their care. After nearly half a century at the forefront of computed tomography, GE HealthCare is uniquely positioned to ensure this latest advance keeps its promise with TrueFidelity. TrueFidelity CT images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement. They elevate the vision of what you and TrueFidelity can achieve – together.
    • Providing the full portfolio of 4D solutions to handle motion management, supporting both free-breathing and breath-hold modules for a CT acquisition synchronized with trigger-defined amplitude of the respiratory curve.
    • Clinical Advanced Applications for the VA:
      • Lung Volume Computer Assisted Reading (VCAR): Automated detection, segmentation, and analysis of all lung nodule types (solid, non-solid, part-solid)
      • Thoracic Volume Computer Assisted Reading (VCAR): Automated segmentation of lungs and airways with automated measurements of wall thickness for intuitive airway analysis
      • GSI Pulmonary Perfusion: One-click protocol for relative iodine distribution iGSI Pulmonary Perfusion protocol to assist in identification of relative hypo-perfused territories.
  • MR Imaging

    Our MR visualization applications can enhance your current MR applications portfolio and improve productivity with oncology diagnoses.

    • Volume Share 7: PROView DL – reports for prostate and automatic prostate segmentation with PI-RADS v2.1 scoring and reporting
    • READYView: Designed to help improve your productivity and accuracy with customization, integrated registration, and multi-parametric review
    • OncoQuant: Multi-modality, multi-time point oncology diagnosis, follow-up, reporting, and management tool
    • Breastscape: One-click post processing solution for diagnostic assistance in breast lesions with guided assistance in MR biopsy planning
  • Breast Imaging

    GE HealthCare’s Breast Imaging Portfolio offers innovative technologies designed to deliver advanced, personalized, and patient-centric solutions that support early detection, quick and confident diagnosis, and treatment across every step of the breast care journey.
    • Senographe Pristina: A sensitive, patient centered gantry designed to reshape the mammography experience for patient comfort. Pristina 3D has the lowest DBT dose of all the FDA approved DBT devices.sup>i The diagnostic accuracy of GE HealthCare’s digital breast tomosynthesis platform allows excellent visualization of breast lesions without increasing the dose compared to a 2D exam .ii
    • Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM): Consisting of two industry-first products, our CEM solutions are excellent alternatives to MRI diagnostic and biopsy that allow for patient comfort and access. They are exceptional diagnostic and biopsy options to use when screening mammograms and ultrasounds are inconclusive.
      • SenoBright™ HD: CEM solution boasting significant reduction in acquisition timeiii and excellent image quality
      • Serena Bright™: CEM- guided biopsy enables you to target lesions seen using SenoBright
    • Pristina Serena: Provide exceptional access to lesions with the versatility of horizontal and vertical approaches with the turn of a knob.
    • Pristina Dueta: Patient-assisted compression device allowing patient control under technologist supervision, easing pain and improving comfort.iv
    • Invenia™ ABUS 2.0: First FDA-approved ultrasound supplemental screening technology specifically for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue.

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(1) Comparison of patient dose delivered by FDA approved DBT devices as of February 2018 for a breast of average density, based on data presented in [1-2] and data on file. Device comparison includes GE SenoClaire, GE Senographe Pristina 3D in STD mode, Hologic Selenia Dimensions, Siemens Mammomat Inspiration, Fuji Aspire Cristalle [1. Bouwman, R. W. and al., et. 2015, Physics in Medicine & Biology, pp. 7893-7907; 2. NHSBSP Equipment Reports 1306, 1404, 1307, and on Fujifilm AMULET Innovality.]