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Our partners in the United States, Europe, China, Israel, India, and Singapore enjoy visibility across a continuum of care. Connect with the Ultrasound Developer community to ask, share, and team with mentors, teammates, and peers.
  • Canada

    The Canadian Edison™ Accelerator is COMING SOON
  • China

    The China Edison™ Accelerator has been opened to ISVs in China and Memorandums of Understanding of strategic partnership with top local ISVs have started to be signed. These strategic agreements are based on ISVs leveraging GE Healthcare’s Edison platform for application development, integrating both parties’ applications in the hospital’s edge server and the cloud utilizing Edison edge and cloud technology, functional modules, and system services. By fully opening the Edison ecosystem, GE Healthcare is giving ISVs in China access to unique capabilities that can help accelerate the development of AI algorithms, providing developers with strong advantages from the start.
  • EMEA

    The EMEA Edison™ Accelerator is co-designed with healthcare provider institutions to empower and enable Health IT/Digital Health start-ups accelerate innovative solutions that address new challenges to the healthcare sector. The program is focused on innovation adoptions, launching solutions with a validated problem statement, and has active participation from healthcare provider partners.
  • India

    Indian start-ups are invited to apply for GE Healthcare’s India Edison™ Accelerator to develop solutions that will tackle some of the toughest challenges in healthcare today. The India Accelerator program welcomes start-ups—with their core development activity/teams in India—to apply to be among the first to access the Edison platform. These start-ups will leverage advanced technologies like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing. Through this program, we aim to create solutions that will help healthcare providers deliver precision health across the care continuum.
  • United States

    Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers can participate in a global healthcare ecosystem with millions of potential customers. Dedicated experts at GE Healthcare champion innovators and help them navigate the complex healthcare environment at every step, from development to deployment, and distribution. This is done so the focus can remain on building innovative applications and to help builders sidestep hurdles that inevitably slow down the time to market.

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