Imaging Accessories

Our handpicked selection of accessories and consumables meets the most stringent standard of utility and performance, empowering you to deliver exceptional results in your practice.

Imaging Accessories

    The simplified solution for all your imaging needs

    Whether you want to expand the capabilities of your equipment or simply need replacement consumables, our imaging accessories help deliver performance, reliability, and compatibility with your GE HealthCare equipment. Carefully selected to meet some of the highest standards of utility, performance, and reliability, we help your imaging and care facilities to be more efficient and productive while also giving your patients a more pleasant experience.
    Simplified solutions

    GE HealthCare Imaging Accessories help you save time and money through:

    Handpicked selection

    Verified products to ensure quality and compatibility.

    Comprehensive inventory

    A one-stop shop for high-performance imaging solutions.

    Post-purchase support

    A partnership that continues throughout your equipment's life cycle.

    Simple ordering process

    Order through Service Shop and spend less time shopping and more time with patients as your top priority.
    GE HealthCare Service Shop

    Order from the convenience of Service Shop

    Designed to meet the growing needs of your facility, Service Shop gives you 24/7 direct access to 800+ imaging accessories and real-time inventory for GE HealthCare parts. Buy from us because we know it’s a patient, not a part, so it has to be right.

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    How to order

    GE HealthCare Imaging Accessories helps you save time and money through:


    Reach out to us at (800) 347-1171, option 2, then 1


    Contact us at with PO number

    Through your EDI

    You can order through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) free. Simply contact us for details


    Order via fax at 877-279-6900

    Power quality solutions

    Good power quality means consistent voltage, frequency, and waveform of your power supply system. Use our power analysis to understand underlying power quality problems and keep your equipment running.

    Adventure Series™

    In this experience designed to make imaging more inviting for kids, we leverage themed imaging rooms, captivating characters, lush visuals, and hands-on activities to enhance the imaging experience.

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