Vendor Neutral Archive
Image Exchange
Clinical Viewer

Edison™ Datalogue™

Holistic, 360° view

Enables a holistic, 360˚ view of the complete patient record

Secure, vendor neutral

Promote uninterrupted workflow across the existing care delivery network

Actionable insights

Provides actionable insights from the enterprise enabling decision making

High quality data

Ensures data quality to enable the evolution of your infrastructure

Edison™ Datalogue™ Connect

Secure, vendor neutral

Promote uninterrupted workflow utilizing your existing IT infrastructure

Dynamic and holistic

Collaborate across your clinical community on sensitive patient data

One-click access

Enable Single Sign-On and access all your applications and data in seconds


User management settings help manage groups, connections and preferences

Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint client

Device compatibility

Fast, secure access to vital patient information across multiple platforms

Cleared for diagnostic use⁴

Provides tools to help physicians collaborate on patient exams

Real-time access

Server-side rendering with streaming for real-time access to current exams

Consolidated view

Provides a consolidated view of the patient’s data across multiple archives


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AW Server

Edison™ Datalogue™

Edison™ True PACS

Imaging Insights


Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS⁵ provides the data security and reliability required for healthcare, with the flexibility to support your organization’s individual needs. By leveraging AWS, we can provide imaging solutions designed to increase access, decrease IT infrastructure, pivot to support changing needs, and ultimately help clinicians improve care for patients.

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