GE Healthcare's Enterprise Imaging Solutions

GE Healthcare's Enterprise Imaging Solutions deliver a common viewing, workflow and archiving medical imaging solution that integrates Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Cardiovascular IT Systems (CVITS), Centricity Cardio Enterprise 2 and a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

GE Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions. are ready to take you to that next level—with solutions that combine all of the capabilities, integrations, and intelligence you need to make imaging a transformative force in your organization. This includes: 

  • A standards-driven, vendor-neutral archive solution that intelligently weaves longitudinal patient images and data from many different sources and systems together—and then makes it all available through a convenient web-based, zero-footprint viewer. 
  • An imaging collaboration suite that combines two essential imaging collaboration applications—and then connects them through an integrated viewer service—to fundamentally improve how you connect, collaborate, and access patient images and information. 
  • A unified diagnostic viewer that supports your care-specific workflows, facilitates fast and precise decision making, and helps you stay focused on quality care. 
  • A comprehensive enterprise cardiology solution that enables your entire team to access and manage patient data, images, reports, and workflows across different information systems and modalities from one convenient location.

Enterprise Data Hub

Achieve Enhanced Outcomes with Enterprise Data Hub.
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Edison Datalogue

Centricity Products

Advanced Visualization

Streamlines post-processing so you can maximize your most valuable asset: time
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    1. Anywhere there is internet connectivity.
    2. Centricity Cardio Enterprise is a solution comprised of Centricity Universal Viewer and Centricity Cardio Workflow.