Cybersecurity risk management

Across our company, our products, and our services, GE HealthCare is working nonstop to help protect your organization, your team, and your patients from today’s increasing cybersecurity threats.

Explore Cybersecurity

    GE HealthCare’s commitment to cybersecurity is embedded in everything we do.

    Connected healthcare is driving improved efficiency and outcomes. But it also comes with rising cybersecurity risks. At GE HealthCare, we'll never stop working to help keep you protected. From the security designed and built into our products and services, to the 24/7/365 risk management provided by Skeye, we help safeguard your devices, systems, and data, so you can seize every opportunity of connected care.



    Increase in global weekly cyberattacks in the first six months of 2022.¹


    The top target of large breaches is hospitals, at 30% of all incidents.²


    That's the cost per breach in healthcare, and the problem is getting worse.³


    Personal health info is worth at least 10 times more than financial info on the black market.³


    Discover how we confront the complex challenges of healthcare cybersecurity.


    Combining advanced medical device knowhow with global cybersecurity expertise.


    Consistent global frameworks to promote effective, efficient, secure products and services.

    Regulatory & industry best practices

    Adhering to stringent standards while collaborating with global regulators and industry groups.

    Technology partners

    Leveraging technology partnerships to advance our enterprise, products, and services for customers.

    Staying ahead of today’s dynamic cybersecurity threats

    It takes vigilance, collaboration, and a multifaceted approach. Tap into the latest perspectives culled from GE HealthCare's medical device knowhow combined with global cybersecurity expertise.

    Our approach to healthcare cybersecurity

    Explore what drives cybersecurity at GE HealthCare: secure products, secure services, secure enterprise, and cybersecurity managed and consulting services including Skeye.

    Driving a secure enterprise

    We protect our business because it’s essential to protecting yours. Through strong safeguards of our enterprise systems, we bring you greater supply chain confidence and support our mutual success.

    Ensuring secure products

    From design and development, to maintenance throughout the product lifecycle, GE HealthCare takes a holistic approach to product cybersecurity to give you peace of mind.

    Delivering secure services

    With innovative technology, processes, and risk mitigation approaches, we advance security and privacy throughout our services to simplify and support your own security efforts.

    Providing managed and consulting cybersecurity services for comprehensive protection

    We continuously help secure operations, systems and data via managed services including Skeye cybersecurity – a holistic, 24/7 solution for all your networked medical devices, regardless of manufacturer.

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    What healthcare cybersecurity concerns are weighing on your mind?