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Every step you take to maintain life support matters in perioperative care. Discover how one integrated anesthesia care solution can support insightful decisions and individualized care.

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    Aisys™ CS² Anesthesia Delivery System with End-tidal Control*

    First and only anesthesia machine in the US to automate delivery of fresh gas concentrations* to clinician-set targets.

    Carestation™ 750 Anesthesia Delivery System

    Deliver individualized anesthesia therapy with a user-friendly machine that provides precise control with speed and comfort.

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    • *Et Control is only available on the Aisys CS² Anesthesia Delivery System. Et Control in the United States is intended for patients 18 years and older. Refer to GE HealthCare Et Control Pivotal Study Report DOC2163005. When used as indicated, Et Control is as clinically safe as manual fresh gas control.

    • **Actual time may vary slightly due to hospital network and processing times. This product does not generate data or alarms, but transmits data from the OR and displays active alarms in the room for awareness.

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