• Aisys™ CS² Anesthesia Delivery System

    Et Control software* automatically adjusts fresh gas concentrations and anesthetic agent for safe, low-flow anesthesia.
  • Carestation 650c Anesthesia Delivery System

    The Carestation™ 650c Anesthesia Machine is a compact system designed for pendent or wall mount — an ideal solution for induction rooms where floor space is li...
  • Carestation 750 Anesthesia Delivery System

    Deliver individualized anesthesia therapy with an ergonomic machine that provides precise control with speed and comfort.
  • Avance CS² Anesthesia Delivery System

    This advanced, integrated CarestationTMAnesthesia Machine features a sleek 15-inch touchscreen display and intuitive user-interface that can help take the work ...
  • Aladin2 Cassettes

    Our agent-specific cassettes operate with innovative electronic control from the host anesthesia delivery system.
  • LIVE Application

    View multiple ORs to help prioritize medical direction, while on the move—by staying connected.

  • Expert video series: lung protective ventilation forum

Motivating adherence to LPV protocol

Open Interface Commitment

*Et Control is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older in the United States.