Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)
& Office-based Labs (OBL) Solutions

GE HealthCare's expertise helps you maximize your ASC or OBL's potential by showing you the big picture of what's possible. We do this through our key offerings: technology, financing, and servicing

Outpatient Solutions

    ASC and OBL equipment

    Anesthesia Delivery

    Patient Monitoring

    Diagnostic Cardiology

    We focus on your needs so you can focus on what's truly important: your patients.

    From flexible financing solutions to a wide range of servicing options, we offer the solutions you need to provide the healthcare your patients deserve.

    ASC and OBL Financing

    Our specialty is healthcare, and we’ve been helping customers meet their cash and technology needs for decades.

    ASC and OBL Servicing

    If your healthcare equipment stops working, your business stops working. GE HealthCare Services keep both you and your business moving forward.

    Resources and information

    You do everything in your power to deliver personalized care and a seamless experience to each patient who walks through your doors. That’s why it’s important to start setting yourself up for success even before you’re open for business. These materials will get you started.


    To be successful, your ASC needs a plan. This overview of our ASC offerings provides a big-picture view of the many ways we can help you address your priorities. It also covers details about our key offering areas: financing, servicing and equipment.

    White paper

    Building and growing an ASC takes teamwork, experience and a strong financial foundation. This white paper highlights a real-world example of the many ways GE Healthcare Financial Services can partner with you to build a successful business.

    “Knowing that our desire was to be able to do everything that we were doing in the hospital in the outpatient setting, we knew we needed a true angio suite. When we looked at the budget, it made sense for us to spend a little more money to get the best. Partnering with GE HealthCare was great; (they) worked with us and gave us an incredible opportunity. The Discovery™ IGS 7 is an incredible piece of equipment, and GE made it affordable enough that we felt good about moving in on it.”

    Dr. Jayson Brower,
    Inland Imaging,
    Spokane, WA

    “We tried not to just build our Center for the current time. What we were really trying to determine was if we wanted to be a multi-specialty surgery center, and we wanted to be able to bring in other physicians. We wanted to make sure that we had the forward-thinking capability to incorporate interventional nephrology, radiology, cardiology and vascular surgery into the vision. When it came down to that, it was pretty clear that the Discovery IGS 7 is the only system out there that allowed you to grow business that you may not even think is there.”

    Dr. Eric Vander Woude,
    Advanced Medical Imaging Surgery Center,
    Lincoln, NE

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