Skeye™ Cybersecurity

Protecting devices that enable patient care
At a glance

Streamlined discovery

Networked Medical and IoT device inventory and vulnerability management through AI tools

Device support

Remediation recommendations for networked medical devices

Ongoing cyber protection

Active monitoring, surveillance, and threat detection, 24/7/365

Wing-to-wing solution

Supporting a multi-vendor cybersecurity program with risk assessments

A robust, wing-to-wing cybersecurity solution for networked medical devices.

Regardless of manufacturer, Skeye provides active monitoring across networked medical device endpoints. Combining people, processes, and technology, Skeye helps support your organization’s data safety, profitability, and reputation for delivering care and protection where it matters most—your patients.
Modern healthcare

With more devices being connected to more networks, cybersecurity threats have become a bigger risk

Because care depends on the interconnectivity and the availability of hundreds of different devices, managing risk at every endpoint has become more important than ever before.

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Bringing threats to light

13 Yrs

Number of consecutive years healthcare has had the highest average cost of a breach¹


The average cost of a healthcare cyberattack²


Number of patient records impacted by healthcare data breaches in 2023³


Of healthcare organization budgets are spent on cybersecurity⁴

When it comes to cybersecurity, healthcare is different

Unlike other industries, healthcare relies on both information technology (IT) and operational technologies (OT) that can pose security weaknesses. OT requires a new approach for the healthcare industry, but there are also ways that you can prepare to protect your equipment through IT.

Information technology

• Shorter software life spans prevent obsolescence
• Homogeneous hardware and software
• Built-in updates and patch management
• Built-in updates and patch management
• Readily available and supported firewalls and antivirus

Operational technology

• Longer software lifecycle + aging equipment = high obsolescence risk
• Diverse medical device hardware and software
• More government regulation
• Inconsistent update and patch management
• Limited firewall and anti-malware options

Active protection for total peace of mind

Skeye helps provide the protection you need, aligning with the best practices and guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

Device discovery

Leveraging artificial intelligence and passive network analysis, Skeye automates networked medical device inventory and security management. Less intrusive than traditional IT methods, passive network analysis delivers real-time visibility to help prevent cybersecurity blind spots.

Vulnerability management

We help customers detect and analyze vulnerabilities, and translate remediation recommendations into actionable service requests.

Remediation recommendations

Skeye integrates processes and technologies across functions—providing visibility into corrective maintenance activities, remediation progress, and completion timelines—and allows biomeds and clinical engineers to execute remediation and document activities.

Remediation execution⁵

Performed by an onsite GE HealthCare cyber client service technician who collaborates with IT and clinical engineering on-site, our team completes the lifecycle of the remediation and captures data in the device record.

Security event support

We support business continuity with your information technology and information security teams by providing information on malware analytics, and observed behavior, threat indicators, and available remediation actions.

Clinical security assessment

We assess the maturity of your medical device security program by helping to identify risks and vulnerabilities with your clinical systems. And then, we provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on policies and procedures, all while prioritizing risks for an actionable remediation plan.

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