Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging is unique. With its ability to make visible what would otherwise be invisible, it can reveal deeply hidden truths about the human body. The kind of truths that could save the life of one patient, or transcend an individual to benefit all patients. We call this a true discovery.

Our mission is to help you find your next true discovery by pursuing a fully digital molecular imaging experience and by being adaptable to your needs. No matter what molecular imaging technology you choose, we want you to have the tools you need to go in search of true discovery.



Discovery comes in many forms. It can be a novel insight into an old problem, or an unexpected revelation after a long journey. And while every discovery is inspired by the search for something new, what molecular imaging enables is different. Molecular imaging seeks deeper truths – evidence of what is seen, and often not.

This discovery could save the life of one of the patients you see every day in your community hospital, or it could transcend an individual to benefit all patients.

This is known as true discovery.


With its focus on exploration at the molecular and cellular levels, molecular imaging is ideally suited for finding deeply hidden truths. Each component of the molecular imaging workflow, from acquisition to reconstruction to report generation and communication with referring physicians, is integral to this mission.

As your technology partner, we’re driven to optimizing each of these components to provide you with the outcomes-based solutions you require. We accomplish this by following three core principles. First, we apply an interconnected development process that offers a comprehensive solution. Then, we emphasize the importance of accurate quantitation. And lastly, we work towards our vision for a fully digital molecular imaging experience.

A fully digital experience connects and enhances each step of the molecular imaging workflow. It starts with best-in-class hardware and software that collects all of your data in the cloud. Then, through deep learning and analytics, that data can be converted into actionable insights to advance your clinical, operational and economic outcomes.


The beauty of innovation is that it’s ever-evolving. What makes our vision for a fully digital molecular imaging experience so exciting is that it’s a journey we can take together. You can start experiencing its benefits today, while we continue to strive toward the full value of digital technology.

To help you get the most out of your technology, we can be adaptable to your needs. We want you to choose the system that’s right for you, knowing that every system is designed to leverage our fully digital vision right away. It may be a system already fitted with digital detection technology, or it may be an adaptable, digital-detection-ready system. No matter what you choose, it has the software and hardware needed to start delivering the analytics for operations optimization and better protocol, patient and asset management.

Get ready. The time for true discovery is now.


Reveal a greater truth about the human body


Change the life of one patient or benefit all patients


Best-in-class hardware and software collects data in the cloud


Deep learning and analytics convert data into actionable insights


Insights advance your clinical, operational and economic outcomes


Digital detection technology


Digital detection ready

Introducing the next generation of Molecular Imaging

We are proud to provide you with a fully digital experience through a wide array of molecular imaging technologies designed to help you deliver better patient outcomes.

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