Pharmaceutical Imaging Agents

Our imaging agents help healthcare providers make more informed and earlier diagnoses, keep track of patient progress more accurately and develop more tailored patient treatment plans.¹⁻⁴

We provide a comprehensive product range, including both contrast media and radiopharmaceutical imaging agents, so across multiple patient, and procedural needs, we have a diagnostic option to suit.⁵

Enhancing your everyday with:


three patient procedures per second supported by our products


employees worldwide


revenue in 2022


invention patents in the last ten years

Leadership enhanced by logistics

We make punctual delivery a priority, with our network’s global reach supported by over 25 local distribution centers. We also manage supply from extraction to injection, employing end-to-end manufacturing for comprehensive control and agility.¹⁰

It’s all done so that you can schedule procedures with confidence, knowing that when partnered with GE HealthCare, you can count on us to reliably deliver whenever the need arises.¹⁰

Spirit enhanced by support

Despite our network’s global reach, we’ve never forgotten that it’s a personal touch that makes all the difference. So, no matter what, our communication lines are open, with dedicated customer service and account management teams always on hand to offer you expert clinical and technical support.11,12 That includes tailored education, from ordering and training to how to seamlessly integrate our products into your workflows.

Our digital platform, MyGEHealthCare experience, also lets you connect with us through one central point of contact, via desktop or mobile. Serving as a digital home, it offers fast access to the       GE HealthCare team and connects you to whatever support you need.¹³

Sensitivity enhanced by sustainability

We’re committed to generating sustainable solutions that maximize your impact for patients, while minimizing the impact of care on the planet. That includes reducing the environmental impact of packaging, with our +PLUSPAK bottles having a preferable eco-impact to glass across their entire product lifecycle.¹⁴⁻¹⁶

We also support customers in optimizing the use of contrast media through sustainable initiatives such as our syringeless power injectors and our iodine recycling program.

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