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Get all the advantages from one of the world’s leading providers of OEM medical equipment and pharmaceutical diagnostic imaging agents – in one place. From capital equipment and everyday supplies to the training, expertise, and customer service you need to keep equipment working the way it was designed, GE Healthcare is here for you.
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Whether purchasing new equipment, pharmaceutical diagnostic imaging agents, ordering OEM accessories and supplies, scheduling necessary maintenance, or looking to improve decision-making by upgrading to AI-enabled products, ordering directly through GE Healthcare online saves time, keeping care providers and their equipment prepared to deliver quality patient care.
GE Healthcare provides online training courses access, textbooks, and product resources to help maintain and repair GE Healthcare products and keep downtime to a minimum.
Access online training courses, textbooks, and product-specific resources to help maintain and repair GE Healthcare products and keep downtime to a minimum.

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Greater productivity in your lab leads to greater progress in medicine. GE Healthcare proudly offers a wide range of solutions supporting your needs for research, drug discovery, and bioprocessing.

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Vscan™ and Vscan Extend™ are trademarks of General Electric Company.
GE Healthcare's Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Imaging agents are NOT Combination Products as classified under 21 CFR 3.2(e). While they may be used in conjunction with medical devices sold by GE Healthcare; they do not require the use a specific medical device sold by GE Healthcare.