Apex Pro Channelized (CH) Telemetry Technical Service

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    About this class

    Patient Monitoring Systems

    This technical service class for the ApexPro* Channelized (CH) Telemetry system illustrates the practical skills needed to configure and troubleshoot the system. Participants are involved in clinical software navigation and the comprehension of software configuration and service tools. The course provides a detailed explanation of individual hardware and software and their integration and interconnectivity with other system components. Participants will analyze the RF environment with a spectrum analyzer, program patient transmitters, configure Telemetry Server software and remotely diagnose Server problems. This course also includes connection of the CH system to the Enterprise Access (EA) system. The EA for CH includes learning the SC-450 System Controller, Base Unit, Radio Interface Main Module (RIM), Radio Interface Expansion Module, Radio Interface 1400 Module (RIM 1400) and the Remote Hub Unit (RHU).

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    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Customer Requirements
      Customers are required to bring a computer laptop to class. The laptop will be used to view electronic documentation and operate software service tools, which are provided during class.

      Computer Laptop Requirements:

      • Hardware: PC based (not Mac®), Wireless Network Card, DB 9 Serial port, CD ROM, USB port, AC Power Cord
      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7 or above
      • Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 5.5 or greater, Google Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft Windows Media Player®10 or greater, Adobe Reader® (latest version), latest Adobe Flash®plug-ins, HyperTerminal or other terminal emulation program.
      • Local administrator access
      • Ability to disable spyware and virus scan programs
      • No other versions of Ghost previously installed 
    • Target Audience

      • Biomedical equipment technicians
      • Biomedical and clinical engineers
    • Prerequisites

      Required Pre-Requisite:  None

      Recommended Pre-Requisites: Implementing Digital Technology in Healthcare or equivalent.

    • Pricing Options

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      Tuition(2020786-393): $6625

      On-site Training Tuition (2020786-416): $46,375 (8 attendees)


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