Venue Family Ultrasound Systems: AI-Enhanced, Versatile Imaging

Featuring a consistent experience to help users at all levels perform, the Venue™ family of AI-enabled point of care systems deliver simple, fast and precise ultrasound for every moment.
Venue Go™
Venue Fit™


With input from hundreds of physicians and created to be simple, fast, and precise, Venue is the premier solution in the Venue family of point of care ultrasound systems.

Our most robust system

A fully featured, multi-purpose ultrasound system made for your point of care

Big and clear

See its large 19-inch screen from across the room

Long-lasting power

Batteries can provide scan times of up to four hours

At your side

Cart-based with a small footprint, it goes where you go

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Venue Go

Adding versatility to the Venue family, the Venue Go features a take anywhere design that adapts to your point of care and allows you to go from cart to table to wall with ease.

Take anywhere design

An adaptable solution that goes from cart to table to wall with ease

Designed for portability

With a small footprint and long-lasting batteries, it goes where you go

Point of care versatility

A touch screen that fits a wide range of environments and care areas

Supported by AI

Precise tools ensure accurate calculations and quick assessments

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Venue Fit

Designed to fit your practice, fit your space and fit your needs, the streamlined—yet powerful—Venue Fit features the smallest footprint in the Venue family while still maintaining the features you’ve come to expect.

Small but powerful

Without losing features, the smallest footprint in the Venue family

Customize for your needs

Configurable to fit your needs with detachable holders and bins

Fast and confident diagnosis

Built on Windows® 10 with powerful imaging engine utilizing cSound™ technology

Adapt at point of care

Allows for cart, kickstand or standard VESA connection options

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Caption Guidance

Scan with confidence: The right tool in the right hands for cardiac ultrasound in critical moments

Thanks to Caption Guidance™ AI-driven software on the Venue family, even new POCUS users can capture cardiac images successfully. The on-screen, AI-based tool aids with turn-by-turn probe placement to capture the needed views.

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Care area applications

Made for your Point of Care

Developed specifically for point of care medicine and inspired by the needs of physicians, the Venue family of products supports a wide range of environments, from the ED and ICU to MSK and Pediatrics. Built for your point of care, here’s how the Venue Family supports key care areas.

Critical Care

As a patient’s status can change rapidly in the ICU, the Venue family supports fast care decisions with AI-enabled tools and a straightforward, intuitive interface. Its compact footprint and large screens make it an excellent system for bedside interventional procedures.

Emergency Medicine

Ready to go when needed, the Venue family system is imperative for the chaos of emergency departments. From its straightforward design to AI-enabled Auto Tools, the Venue family empowers physicians to quickly triage patients and determine a care pathway.


Made for MSK practitioners who need to assess tendons, muscles and joints with clear and effective tools to manage patient progress during a course of treatment.

NICU & Pediatrics

Designed to address the specific needs of pediatric and neonatal patients, the Venue family enables fast and confident diagnostic scans without ionizing radiation for the complete evaluation of your littlest patients.

Perioperative Anesthesia

Confidently perform patient assessments while supporting fast care decisions. Whether you’re performing eFAST, FATE, or assessing volume status, the Venue family helps streamline patient care and creates visual documentation automatically.

Regional Anesthesia

From improved nerve block efficacy to cardiac monitoring in perioperative care, the benefits of ultrasound in anesthesiology are many. The Venue family provides vibrant images and a button probe for simplified workflow during procedures.

New Frontiers in Point of Care Ultrasound: Bringing AI to Nerve Blocks

Follow Dr. Bernard Victor Delvaux, Anesthesiologist into the world of artificial intelligence for POCUS as his collaboration with Doron Shaked, Data Scientist comes to life supporting clinical confidence for nerve blocks.

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Venue Family brochure

Download and read this brochure for a more in-depth understanding of how the Venue Family delivers confidence at point of care, when it matters most.

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