Venue™ Point of Care Ultrasound

Simple, fast and precise ultrasound for every moment.

In moments when every second counts, having tools that will allow you to act quickly and deliver precise care is essential. Venue™ is designed to help you do just that. As the premier solution in the Venue™ Family of AI-enabled point of care ultrasound systems, Venue offers a simple, fast and precise way to assess a patient’s medical status at the point of care.

Supporting You in the Fight Against COVID-19

As you navigate through unchartered waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to support you with information and education. Below is a compilation of resources to help you in the battle against COVID-19.

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Venue™ and Venue Go™ - A Comparison

In China, Ultrasound is Helping Doctors Fight COVID-19


A Design That Is All About the Details

  • Seamless touchscreen display.

    Supports infection prevention efforts.
  • 19" articulating monitor.

    Large enough to see the image across the room and easy to reposition for different procedures.
  • Big wheels. Small footprint.

    Easily maneuver Venue™ where you need it.
  • Clever cable management.

    Four probe holders up-top keep cords off the ground and out of the way.
Powered by AI. Guided by You.

Auto Tools For Many Applications

Simplify and accelerate complex patient assessments with AI-enabled auto tools available on Venue™. Using proprietary algorithms, we synthesized data from numerous patients to ensure accurate calculations for clinical confidence.
  • Auto-VTI

    Calculate VTI and CO in one simple step. The VTI trending function helps clinicians quickly visualize the trend so the next course of action can be determined.

    Experience 82% time savings.1

    Study found better correlation than with manual CO measurements.2

  • eFAST tool

    Assess and document patient status by mapping key areas of the body.

    Reduce keystrokes by 80% compared to traditional eFAST exams.3

  • Auto B-line tool

    In one single step, this tool calculates the overall lung score by highlighting and counting B-lines in real time and displaying the image with the highest B-line count.

    Study found the tool to be comparable and highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts.4

  • Auto-IVC

    Measure IVC collapsibility or distensibility accurately and automatically.

    Study found the IVC measures were equivalent to an expert user’s ability 90% of the time for minimal diameters and 97% for maximal diameters.5

  • Introducing the Venue™ Family

    The Venue™ family is the first family of AI enabled point of care ultrasound systems. Comprised of both Venue™ and Venue Go™, the Venue family of systems operates on one common platform so clinicians can take advantage of the same user interface, interchangable probes**, strict cybersecurity measures and consistent software updates.

    *Probe cables not shown
    ** Applies to Venue R2.5 and Venue Go

The Venue™ Difference in Point of Care

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Venue Ultrasound by GE Healthcare - Designed for the Critical Moment

Research with GE Healthcare

Do you have a research interest that is specific to ultrasound usage at the point of care? Call us at 866.281.7545 or click the submit email link and we will contact you to discuss your research proposal.

Clinical Excellence and Award Winning Design

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Auto VTI – Calculate VTI and CO in one simple step. After running the Auto VTI tool, VTI Trending helps clinicians quickly visualize the trend and determine a next course of action in treatment. Auto VTI can provide up to 90% reduction in keystrokes and take up to 82% less time than manual method of calculations, as performed by experts.1

A recent study determined in an experimental model of hemorrhagic shock by Bobbia, et al., Venue Auto VTI tool was found to be better correlated with CO measured by thermodilution than manual echocardiographic measurements.2

1Based on a GE internal study with Venue GO DOC2254811.

2 Xavier Bobbia; Laurent Muller, et al. A New Echocardiographic Tool for Cardiac Output Evaluation: An Experimental Study 2018 OI: 10.1097/SHK.0000000000001273, PMID: 30300317

eFAST tool – Requiring up to 80% fewer keystrokes,3 this tool helps clinicians quickly assess and document patient status—from internal bleeding to a pneumothorax—by mapping key areas of the body in a way that is intuitive and aligned with clinical workflows.

3 eFAST Comparison Study: Manual vs. Venue Automation. GE internal study. (DOC2222911)

Auto B-line tool– This tool highlights and counts B-lines in real time, and automatically displays the image with the highest B-line count.  A recent study found the Auto B-line tool to be comparable to and as highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts.4

4Short J, Acebes C, Rodriguez-de-Lema G, et al. Visual versus automatic ultrasound scoring of lung B-Lines: reliability and consistency between systems. Med Ultrasonography 2019, Vol. 21 no. 1, 45-49 DOI: 10.11152/mu-1885

Auto IVC – Provides the clinician with the ability to measure IVC collapsibility or distensibility accurately and automatically. In one study, the IVC measures were equivalent to an expert user’s ability 90% of the time for minimal diameters and 97% for maximal diameters.5

5 Venue Go R2 Technical Product Claims Document (DOC2199650)