Point of care ultrasound for regional anesthesia

Offering anesthesiologists an effortless, multi-purpose ultrasound system, the Venue™ family helps  confidently decrease the risk of complications during nerve block procedures. Vibrant images and a powerful suite of tools allow you to see nerves and surrounding anatomy quickly and clearly to optimize local anesthetic distribution.

New Frontiers in Point of Care Ultrasound: Bringing AI to Nerve Blocks

Follow Dr. Bernard Victor Delvaux, Anesthesiologist into the world of artificial intelligence for POCUS as his collaboration with Doron Shaked, Data Scientist comes to life supporting clinical confidence for nerve blocks.


Powerful imaging designed for your needs

Vibrant visuals

Clear needle visualization enables effective procedures

Easy to clean

Smooth and seamless surfaces support infection control 

Wide range of probes

Accurately monitor nerve blocks at the deepest and shallowest depths 

Intuitive user experience

Gesture-driven user interface features a modern, adaptable design 

Made for your point of care

With vibrant images and automated tools, Venue simplifies complicated procedures—improving efficacy of nerve blocks and enhancing patient comfort and safety.

Streamlined to quickly assess patient status

Precise blocks built on one platform, the entire Venue family has simplified the steps required for operation and features improved accessibility. Its button probes allow you to perform procedures that once required two people with only a single person. Plus, you can position the monitor for optimal viewing through its articulating arm—delivering excellent, clear images even when the system is on the other side of a bed.

Accurate imaging for enhanced clinical confidence

Helping improve patient outcomes by reducing error rates, Venue’s imaging software is optimized to help the nerve stand out from other types of tissue. Allowing you to differentiate between the needle and patient anatomy with confidence, Venue family systems guide you with a real-time view of anatomy, needle advancement and local anesthetic spread.

Presets for improved operational efficiency

With nerve specific presets that quickly set image parameters, Venue family systems store the appropriate settings to use for anatomy and probe type to get you scanning faster. Playing an important role in ensuring image quality and clinical efficiency, presets aim to greatly reduce the number of controls you need to adjust in order to optimize images.

Be prepared for nerve block procedures

With its straightforward design, the Venue family of point of care ultrasound systems empower you to make fast clinical decisions with confidence.

Follow nerve block procedures with cNerve

Helps detect and track nerves in 99% of cases during live scanning or while reviewing a stored clip2 while also displaying a distribution map of the areas on the body impacted by the selected nerve block procedure.

Visualize more anatomy in a single scan with Virtual Convex

This tool provides a wide field of view so users can visualize more large anatomy structures in a single scan while also aiming to enhance image quality on linear probes.

Remove the clutter with Simple Screen

See only what you need to see with Simple Screen mode, a feature that allows you to see up to a 39%3 larger ultrasound image and view only the icons they want.

Automatically recall parameter settings with Follow Up

Delivering consistent and clear conclusions for repeated exams on the same patient, Follow Up automatically recalls parameter settings from a previous exam including comments and body patterns. It also supports monitoring of patient response to treatment over time, allowing a side-by-side view of historical and new images.

Improved visualization with Needle Recognition

Needle Recognition also allows you to easily differentiate between the needle and patient anatomy with confidence—allowing you to quickly guide the needle exactly where it needs to be and helping to minimize patient discomfort.

Venue regional anesthesia brochure

Download and read this brochure for a more in-depth understanding of how Venue delivers confidence at point of care, when it matters most.

Venue probes

A broad range of probes helps you accurately administer nerve blocks at the deepest and shallowest depths.

Product tutorial gallery

Get a first-hand look at how Venue supports anesthesiologists.

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