LOGIQ Fortis™ Ultrasound

Ultrasound, the next level. Deliver on the promise of confident care with a sleek, compact solution for conducting a full spectrum of exams and procedures in almost any space.
At a Glance

Valuable AI-based tools

Decision support and workflow tools for clinical confidence and productivity

Liver assessment package

With UGAP and 2D SWE staging, hepatic assistant workflow and CEUS FLL analysis

SonoDefense for protection

Our multi-layer approach to cybersecurity and patient data privacy

Robust digital platform

Enables third party apps, collaboration tools and performance assessment

Powerfully streamlined

Small and sleek enough to move to patients across departments and equipped with our most powerful technology, LOGIQ Fortis is characterized by both its strength and its power. It's intuitive to operate and easy to clean.
Built to help users deliver confident care in multiple clinical settings, it is GE HealthCare’s affordable all-in-one solution.

Your multi-purpose system

Designed for whole body imaging

LOGIQ Fortis expands your potential, with AI-based decision support and workflow solutions, specialty transducers, easy imaging and productivity enhancers. This all-in-one, high-performing ultrasound easily scales to fit your needs.

Clinical expectations: exceeded…with the capacity to enhance your clinical capabilities and increase productivity exponentially.

cSound™ Architecture with advanced SRI: All pixels in focus and great resolution, from near field to depth.
Advanced flow modes: Drive diagnostic confidence in multiple applications, including Microvascular Imaging (MVI) with Radiantflow™ and B-Flow.
High-performance probes: XDclear™ probes deliver deep penetration and high resolution and the new wireless Vscan Air™ CL dual-probe offers high-quality portable imaging.
Robust advanced quantification tools: 2D Shear Wave Elastography, UGAP, CEUS, and Fusion Imaging enhance precision and speed.
AI-based decision support: Breast Assistant and Thyroid Assistant, powered by Koios DS™, help decrease operator variability and unnecessary biopsies.

Productivity and workflow: optimized. LOGIQ Fortis enables users of all skill levels to work proficiently and manage high patient volumes.

Exceptional mobility and remote operation: Easy to maneuver and fits almost anywhere, from bedside to exam and operating rooms. You can scan on battery and even control the system remotely.
AI-based assistant tools: New AI tools helps you maximize exam speed and accuracy. Auto-Preset Assistant automatically activates the correct preset for the anatomy being scanned. And Auto-Renal Measure Assistant automatically detects the kidney and measures the length, height, and width.
EZ Imaging ergonomics: The customizable probe presets, simplified touch panel, and quick patient set-up enables users to reduce keyboard time by 32% with 38% fewer keystrokes per exam.  

Your investment: maximized. An ultrasound system is not just an investment for your facility—it’s a promise to your clinicians and patients.

The resources supporting LOGIQ Fortis, from training and security to asset management, are designed to help you consistently deliver on the promise of high-quality, accessible ultrasound care.
Choose from a full suite of robust, standard features and options to configure the optimal system to meet your clinical needs.
Operational support
Your system is backed by digital operational support that enhances return on investment, with performance analytics, software/security updates, live clinical training, and advanced system diagnostics.
SonoDefense security
Our multi-layer approach to cybersecurity and data privacy protection protects your system and data around the clock.

The wireless power of Vscan Air™ CL is now available on the LOGIQ portfolio

Stretch the boundaries of patient management with easy access to portable wireless imaging. Pair your Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe with a LOGIQ console to scan and then display, optimize, save, and review images with the power of LOGIQ processing.

Get full value from your investment

LOGIQ Fortis provides a total product life cycle experience—from dependable support and ongoing product and clinical education to a reliable peer network—that ensures both clinician satisfaction and a meaningful return on investment 

Remote device management

One centralized solution to manage your ultrasound devices with Verisound™ Fleet.

Collaboration and support with Digital Expert

Using a mobile tablet connected directly to your ultrasound equipment, Digital Expert provides users the ability to interact with peers at various locations to get support before, after or even during an exam.

Maximize your investment with service & support

Remote and onsite applications and technical support from our experienced team

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