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Choose from a wide array of advanced imaging tools and AI-enabled productivity enhancers—all on a scalable platform that lets you configure your system specifically to the needs of your practice. AI-based tools such as Breast Assistant powered by Koios DS™, Auto Lesion Segmentation, Auto Doppler Assistant, and OB Measurement Assistant help to improve exam speed and enhance diagnostic confidence.
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LOGIQ's solution to ergonomic scanning increases efficiency and consistency while reducing time spent on keystrokes by 32%

With customizable probe presets and a simplified touch panel, EZ Imaging enhances workflow by reducing operator interaction and set-up time. For users, this resulted in 38% fewer total keystrokes and an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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You didn't have to adjust any of the knobs, which was a positive. There was almost no manual adjustment.

Staff Sonographer (MFM outpatient clinic), 12 years' experience

It would be quick to learn for current LOGIQ users and less steps once you transitioned, which would help with throughput.

Ultrasound Manager (Vascular OB/GYN), 30 years' experience

It's a lot easier with the touchscreen and the changes where you don't have to hit the probe or another tab.

Staff Sonographer (Radiology department), 11 years' experience

It's more intuitive, it saves a lot of plunking around and a lot of manual adjustments. It will result in a smoother, faster workflow with less button pushes - pretty sweet!

Advanced Sonographer (OB/GYN Hospital & Clinic), 28 years' experience

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2D Shear Wave Elastography

This advanced tool, available on multiple transducers, helps reduce the need for invasive procedures and provides valuable information for patient management decisions, such as diagnosing and monitoring patients with chronic liver disease.

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