Molecular Imaging Agents

Our products and solutions help healthcare providers and therapy innovators to make more informed and earlier diagnosis, monitor disease more accurately and develop tailored patient treatment plans across major care pathways.


patients impacted annually worldwide1

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certified molecular imaging production facilities globally


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Molecular imaging in precision medicine

Our focus is on precision medicine – an innovative approach to tailoring disease management with the most effective treatment pathway. We bring clinically relevant applications to our healthcare professionals and work to improve access to nuclear medicine – transforming patient outcomes.

Accelerating diagnostic and therapeutic research to improve patient lives

Our Pharma Services offering provides access to GE HealthCare's tracer portfolio, which can be tailored to the needs of your clinical study. Our biomarkers enable you to select the right patients, and monitor patient progression long-term, so you can test your hypothesis more accurately.

We also have an established global network of suppliers, and a dedicated in-house team, supporting you in keeping your project on track. Our many years of experience in managed dose supply mean that you can plan and schedule patients with confidence.

We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to patients.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with leading academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to innovate in molecular imaging across disease areas to enable clinicians to better diagnose, treat and monitor complex diseases and to advance care for patients with unmet needs. For information on business development or partnering opportunities, please contact our Pharmaceutical Diagnostics Licensing department.
  1. 1. GE HealthCare data on file.

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