CT motion™ injector

Less Waste, Fewer Steps -- Do more with the automated syringeless technology of CT motion
At a Glance

User friendly

Display unit facilitates easier operation

Simple setup

Automatic tube feeding for a brief, once-daily setup

Safety Features

Air detectors and pressure sensors support safe operation


Connection via Bluetooth
Next generation automated injector

The power of syringeless

With less prep time, streamlined patient turnover and fewer setup steps between patients, the automated syringeless technology of
CT motion™ helps facilitate efficiencies that keep your radiology suite moving.
Improving Workflow

Perform up to six more scans a day

Eliminate filling syringes and gain more time in a busy radiology department. With the acquisition of CT motion, technologists are required to only change out the patient tubing and choose the injection protocol needed between each patient. Less waste with fewer steps, more time for patient care.

In a study conducted by the University of Washington Seattle,
CT motion syringeless power injector was found to save a total of 90 minutes a day in each CT suite compared to a dual syringe power injector. This translated into six additional CT exams per day.¹*
Cost Savings

Optimize your contrast media usage

Contrast optimization made possible through the use of multiple-use contrast media containers giving the department the flexibility to choose the bottle size that makes sense at each point of the clinical day.

CT motion has the ability to load up to two different types of iodinated contrast for flexibility of protocols. When using the same concentration of contrast, a seamless continuous loop of contrast is created to ensure every last drop is used before pulling contrast media from the next bottle.

In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Madison,
CT motion compared with a single-use syringe-based injector resulted in a 100% reduction of iodinated contrast media waste.²**
Environmental Considerations

Eliminate the need for single-use plastic syringes

Switching to CT motion from a dual syringe injector has shown a reduction of plastic waste by 84.6%.² Consider the environmental impact of syringes disposed into landfills daily from the CT suite.

Now there is no need to purchase, store and procure waste removal of syringes with the transformative technology of CT motion.
Enhanced Safety

Bringing patient safety to the forefront

CT motion maintains a hygienic, closed system to give users peace of mind with features such as:
  • Automated air detectors
  • Integrated particle filters
  • Ability to achieve target flow rates using lower injection pressures
  • One-way flow valves on patient tubing
  • Saline used for every patient
  • Automated reminders to help users support patient safety objectives
  • *Results are unique to University of Washington’s clinical trial and may not be extrapolated or generalized to other settings.

    **Based on data from an observational study involving 1,444 patients over a 16 week period comparing CT motion to a dual syringe based power injector. Results are unique to UW Madison’s analysis and may not be extrapolated or generalized to other settings.

    1. Mattinson T, et al. Improving CT workflow and in a busy subspeciality emergency room using a novel power injector technology. In RSNA; Nov 27- Dec 1 2022; Chicago.
    2. Toia G, et al. Consumable Material Waste and Workflow Efficiency Comparison Between Multi-use Syringeless and Single-use Syringe-Based Injectors in Computed Tomography, Acad Radiol. 2023 Oct;30(10):2340-2349.
      doi: 10.1016/j.acra.2023.05.038

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