Imaging Insights

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Shine a bright light on diagnostic radiology performance

Better data visibility, integration, and analysis help radiology teams optimize workflow, increase performance, and make more informed decisions. Without actionable insight or information, optimizing the full imaging cycle from start to finish is a complex task that can result in many challenges, including a lack of standardized care across departments and facilities.

Other Challenges:

  • Lack of insight on improvement opportunities
  • Sub-optimum scheduling, workflow management, and increased backlog
  • Inability to link performance with training needs
  • Lack of standardized care across the enterprise
  • Sub-optimum asset utilization
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Imaging insights allows you to make informed decisions to help improve outcomes.

By updating regularly and correlating multiple data sources into one consolidated view, Imaging Insights keeps medical imaging departments well informed, allowing them to focus on optimizing operational efficiencies, workflow improvement, clinical excellence, and financial growth.
  • Operational efficiencies that drive productivity and decision making

  • Clinical excellence to drive compliance guidelines

  • Improve financial growth by attracting more patients and referrals

Product benefits

Imaging Insights: Data intelligence around improved visibility. Actionable insights. Better outcomes.


We’re committed to customer success

To help you make full use of Imaging Insights, our Customer Success Engagement program assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to engage with your team frequently to assist with Imaging Insights adoption. This support includes defining the vision, governance mechanisms, and KPIs, as well as recommending actions and next steps.

Radiomed MR performance improvement after Imaging Insights**

Customer testimonials

"Imaging Insights allows me to spend time using real data to make decisions, instead of spending my time obtaining and analyzing potentially unreliable data on my own." – Ashley Clary, MHA, FACHE
Ashley Clary, MHA, FACHEAssistant Vice President of the Radiology Service LineOschner Health System
Dr. Christopher Ahlers Radiologist and Managing PartnerRadio Med

Give your imaging department even more visibility

Supporting materials

Imaging Insights brochure


Imaging Insights data sheet


Imaging Insights MR Signa Pulse Article


Imaging Insights Radiology Operations Module Sell Sheet


Imaging Insights interactive guide and materials

Commercially available for MR and CT.

** Radiomed customer testimonial,

*** For certain examination types.

**** Estimate based on one customer. GE Healthcare cannot guarantee the same outcome for all customers.