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Improved visibility. Actionable insights. Better outcomes.
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Actionable insights

Merging data from comprehensive machines and Radiology Information System (RIS)

Customer success

Customer Success Engagement helps customers identify actionable insights and build KPI objectives


Imaging Insights provides comprehensive, actionable insights across modalities*

Shine a bright light on diagnostic radiology performance

Better data visibility, integration, and analysis help radiology teams optimize workflow, increase performance, and make more informed decisions. Without actionable insight or information, optimizing the full imaging cycle from start to finish is a complex task that can result in many challenges, including a lack of standardized care across departments and facilities.

Imaging insights allows you to make informed decisions to help improve outcomes.

By updating regularly and correlating multiple data sources into one consolidated view, Imaging Insights keeps medical imaging departments well informed, allowing them to focus on optimizing operational efficiencies, workflow improvement, clinical excellence, and financial growth. We pull data directly from the machine allowing you to get access to rich data from your devices, so the best of its performance and in-depth capabilities for protocol optimization and standardization.

Operational efficiencies that drive productivity and decision making

Help optimize exam duration and procedure scheduling to help increase throughput and reduce backlog

Help identify variations in practices and staff performance for training opportunities

Clinical excellence to drive compliance guidelines

Identify variations to standardize and help optimize protocols for consistency of care

Help enable practice-level dose management practices to meet regulatory/compliance guidelines by identifying variations of dose levels

Improve financial growth

Enhance visibility in your practices for data-driven capital planning decision making

· Benchmark trends for asset and resource mix and utilization by hour/day/week
· Understand clinical and operational needs to drive targeted growth initiatives

Radiomed MR performance improvement after Imaging Insights²


Increase in number of exams per week³


Week reduction in patient wait times


Additional revenue per year⁴


Imaging Insights regularly updates and correlates multiple data sources into one consolidated view

Equipment utilization

Identify variations in equipment usage


Protocol standardization and optimization


Throughput and backlog improvements


Practice-level dose and compliance


Training needs and opportunities

Patient experience

Identify and reduce wait time

Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud

Equip your team with the technology and speed to help deliver improved care on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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"Our mission as doctors and caregivers is to provide patients with the most appropriate service” “Develop standardized protocols... help the staff to work reproducibly and quickly when they come across different pathologies from different examinations”.

Dr. Caroline Larousse, Radiologist, Hôpital Kirchberg
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"We are really in win-win situation with the GE teams. GE’s expertise and the relevance of the dashboards and the data we were working on allowed us to take up the most important challenges and implement sustainable solutions into our service”
Radiology Manager, Paolo Sana, Hôpital Kirchberg

We're committed to customer success

Imaging Insights includes a digital adoption engagement that helps customers get the value of the application. This support includes defining the vision, governance mechanisms, and KPIs, as well as recommending actions and next steps.

Monthly or quarterly touchpoints

Help define the vision and governance, build an action plan and monitor success

Analytics expert

Assist with identifying insights and improvement opportunities

Resource coordination

Clinical education specialists, technical support and other resoures can be engaged as needed to help the decision-making process and ensure success

  1. This product is only commercially available for MR and CT systems. There is no guarantee that this product will become commercially available for other types of systems or will contain the same features and functionality described herein.
  2. Radiomed customer testimonial,
  3. For certain examination types.
  4. Estimate based on one customer. GE Healthcare cannot guarantee the same outcome for all customers.

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