Imaging Protocol Manager

Imaging Protocol Manager is a cloud-based, multimodality, protocol–management solution that provides access, insight, and governance for imaging device protocols, helping providers effortlessly deliver the right exam for each patient, every time. You can’t be everywhere at once, but now your protocols can.

Reducing variation, meeting regulatory requirements, and improving consistency of imaging services is a key objective for many healthcare institutions. Standardizing device protocols offers one of the best ways to achieve these goals, but until now there hasn’t been a simple way to manage that process.

Protocol challenges

  • Environment
    Previously, protocol teams needed to manually update each device using a USB drive, resulting in inconsistency, patient risks, and costly inefficiencies.

  • Regulations
    Complying with the wide range of industry, state, and federal accreditations can be highly burdensome without a convenient tool for establishing consistency and traceability across the enterprise.

  • Economics
    With budgets always under strain, managing and updating protocols can become a significant financial stressor. In fact, the average cost for optimizing 30 CT protocols is $42,000.1

  • Patient outcomes
    Using out-of-date protocols can result in incorrect diagnoses, repeat visits, delays in care, and a suboptimal patient experience.


Overcome challenges. Improve outcomes.


Setting up and using Imaging Protocol Manager is simple.

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