Imaging 360 for Operations

Continuously improve Radiology with a 360 view of your operations and 360 access to everything you need to optimize it—all from a single, intuitive home-base.
At a Glance

Daily Operations

Streamlined and improved workflows make more time for patients.

Staff Well-being

Automation and collaboration tools free your staff to excel.

Strategic Decision-making

Analytics drive improvement in every area of operations.


Integrated technology and remote assistance keep everyone connected.

We give you the 360 view to empower data-driven decisions so you can improve patient care.

The Imaging 360 for Operations multi-site, multi-modality solutions work together to scale the Imaging enterprise, fuel productivity, and clear the path to efficiency, empowerment, and excellence for every aspect of your radiology operations. Designed with continuous improvement in mind, and accessible through a cloud-based dashboard, you can make data-based decisions anytime, everywhere.
Insights to Action

Imaging 360 for Operations is the comprehensive solution you need

Resolving your many challenges, simply, requires a comprehensive solution that you can easily access from a single point. That's what Imaging 360 for Operations delivers—a 360 view of your operations with 360 access to your operations through an intuitive home-base.

Understand what’s happening across your Radiology enterprise.

Imaging Insights provides the holistic assessment of the department, offering actionable insights that remove the friction in the workflow and identify how resources can be optimized (human and equipment). These insights can help create customer- and patient-centric solutions aimed at better healthcare.

Standardize imaging protocols for greater quality, accuracy, and throughput.

Imaging Protocol Manager delivers consistency, governance, and efficiency to imaging protocol management by automating many of its processes and eliminating workflow interruptions. The resulting time savings frees staff to focus on patients, training, and other high-value work.

Upskill staff and improve scan quality with in-the-moment access to your experts.

Digital Expert Access puts expertise anywhere its needed, giving staff the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues, anytime, from anywhere. These in-the-moment experts can remotely assume controls to demonstrate technique and help with less common procedures. These tools also help accelerate training for new hires.

Manage dose and compliance easily across your Radiology enterprise for increased safety for all.

DoseWatch helps ensure optimized lowest dose, enterprise wide, with a solution that automates oversight, identifies opportunities for improvement, and sounds alerts to mitigate and eliminate issues. Using this solution helps alleviate staff from the complexity and worry that come with dose management. And it helps empower confidence in your staff that they’re delivering quality care, safely, but with less effort and improved accuracy.

Increase throughput and improve patient satisfaction by understanding what’s really happening every day.

Radiology Operations Module uses historical data to understand patient no shows and performs real time analysis of your schedule, today, to help predict and mitigate patient no shows. Studies show patients failing to keep appointments can be as high as 6.5% or more.* This solution can help ease the pressure your staff feels to fill schedule slots as well as the added time and frustration that come along with last minute scheduling. With the Radiology Operations Module, the unpredictable becomes predictable and fixable.
1. H. B. Harvey MD JD, C Liu MS, J. Ai BS, et al, Journal of the American College of Radiology, Vol14, Iss13, P1303-1309, “Predicting No-Shows in Radiology Using Regression Modeling of Data Available in Electronic Medical Record

*The results achieved by this facility may not be applicable to all institutions and individual results may vary. This is provided for informational purposes only and its content does not constitute a representation or guarantee from GE Healthcare.

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