DoseWatch automatically collects and analyzes radiation and contrast dosage data across facilities, modalities, and manufacturers within your imaging network to enable compliance. These automatic tracking capabilities make it easy to access a wide range of data to ensure low dosage strategies.

DoseWatch automatically detects outliers in dosing data and provides insight into their root causes, while easily documenting these anomalies for review.


DoseWatch 3.1

Drive better-informed, patient-centered care

Delivering high quality patient care is a top priority. Incorporating DoseWatch 3.1 into your imaging practices ensures it stays that way––with state-of-the-art technology that helps clinicians use appropriate radiation levels and deliver better-informed, patient-centered, and effective care.
  • 4D Skin Dose Map3

  • Organ dose dosimetry technology from Duke University3

  • Dose to Fetus

Dose Management

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1This feature collects contrast data automatically for class-4 injectors integrated with CT scanners or directly from some injection systems. It is available for manual entry for other modalities connected to DoseWatch with the Contrast Data Management module.
2 Tracking for single-injection procedures only and single DICOM studies.
3This feature is available in DoseWatch 3.1 and higher versions.