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Simplify protocol management across your devices

Standardizing and maintaining protocols across a health system has traditionally been an ad hoc process. Protocols have been uploaded manually on each device with a USB drive, impacting uptime, staff productivity and compliance. Imaging Protocol Manager helps simplify this process across your GE devices, enterprise wide to drive consistency across your landscape, to remain compliant with regulations and to contribute to the economic success of your health system.

Challenges in Imaging Protocol Management





Cloud-based app which helps maintain and standardize protocols

1. Import protocols from devices to the cloud
2. Edit protocols before publishing them as standard
3. View and publish standard protocols to be used on all devices
4. Send protocols to scanners in every facility
5. Track and monitor between the device and standard protocols on the cloud


See what people are saying about Imaging Protocol Manager

"What I like about IPM is that it gives me the security of not being afraid to grow our business. For example, next year we plan to grow the modality exponentially, but I'm sure on all the equipment that we install, we can work in a standardized way, guaranteeing quality and a diagnosis suitable for the patient."
- José Azael Castro Sánchez, Salud Digna

"From my laptop, I can see and edit the protocols that are on my [fleet of] scanners, just as if I was looking at an individual machine. With this protocol manager, you're able to achieve uniformity in image quality as well as uniformity in workflow."
- Tim Szczykutowicz PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin

“When our radiologist reads updated literature that shows a better way to image for a certain diagnosis, our patients no longer have to wait to have these scans available. We can make changes across all magnets almost instantly, which ensures our patients are always receiving the most up-to-date scans possible.” Deanna Clark, Chief MRI Technologist at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging*

“In today’s IPM environment, I have created protocol libraries within IPM consistent with each software platform that I can use to compare, revise, and update the modalities directly from my PC with no need to travel and no need to interrupt scanning or wait for an opening in the patient schedule. I can simply push protocols out from IPM directly to the sites.” Donna Mushinsky, MRI Specialist, Advanced Radiology*

*The statements by GE’s customers described here are based on their own opinions and on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” facility and many variables exist, i.e. size, case mix, etc. there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

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