Carestation™ Insights Analytics Applications

Leverage data from your Aisys™ CS² Anesthesia Delivery System to support operating room efficiency, clinical, and financial goals with user-friendly application dashboards.
Carestation Insights LIVE
Agent Cost
Lung Protective Ventilation
OR Workflow
Adequacy of Anesthesia

Carestation Insights LIVE Application

View multiple ORs to help prioritize medical direction, while on the move—by staying connected.

Supervise in real-time

Gain visibility to multiple ORs to support your staff1

Optimize perioperative care

Data helps you decide where medical direction is needed

Support anesthesia best practices

Visibility to patient monitor and anesthesia machine settings helps adherence to protocols

Customizable experience

Choose the alarms and notifications most important to you

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Carestation Insights Checkout Application

Ensure that Aisys CS2 anesthesia machines are ready for use with this mobile app for daily machine checkout status.

Enhance patient safety

Failure to perform checkout can lead to patient injuries.3 Pre-use machine checkout helps protect patients against harm.

Simple Checkout overview

View which anesthesia machines are ready for use in one simple dashboard

Avoid OR delays

Stay on time with OR schedules when you know which machines have completed their checkout routine

Compliance analysis

Gain insight over time by measuring and managing machine checkout procedures

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Carestation Insights Agent Cost Application

Use this tool to show the benefits of adopting low-flow anesthesia strategies in the OR.

Optimize anesthesia agent use

Adopt and track the impact of low-flow anesthesia strategies

Cost efficiencies

Track your reduction in anesthetic agent costs

Simplified analyses

View progress with single OR and averaged ORs monthly data anytime, anywhere

Assess sustainability goals

Collect greenhouse gas emissions data to show positive environmental impact

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Carestation Insights Lung Protective Ventilation Application

Help reduce postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) with the data you need to drive lung protection strategies.

Drive LPV protocol adoption

Help anesthesiology staff adhere to LPV strategies for consistency and compliance to LPV guidelines

Help to minimize PPCs

Identify opportunities to support lung protection initiatives that may reduce PPCs4

Track LPV practices to patient responses

Associate lung recruitment maneuvers deployed to ventilate measurement, and know if they are effective

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Carestation Insights OR Workflow Application

Use this tool to enhance perioperative productivity with visibility to OR case phase data (induction, maintenance, and emergence) that helps inform preop and PACU staff.

Increase OR utilization

See room status in real-time1 by case phase data, so you can prioritize OR turnover

Track efficiency gains

Calculated OR efficiency score card shows improvements over time

Assists patient care

Make sure PACU beds are ready when patients emerge from the OR

Real-time and retrospective analysis

Track delays and find opportunities for improvements without any manual data entry

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Adequacy of Anesthesia (AoA) Application

Understanding AoA and associated outcomes can be unnecessarily challenging and labor intensive. The Carestation Insights AoA application combines data from the CARESCAPE™ patient monitors and Aisys CS2 anesthesia machines to present the data in an intuitive way, showing real time5 and historical data measured against customized performance targets.

Accessible real-time data

Gain clinical insights from patient outcome information

Optimize AoA practices

Help improve patient throughput and reduce variability across ORs

Anesthetic agent cost tracking

Helps meet financial and environmental goals by measuring agent spend and emissions

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Transform complex data into meaningful insights

The Carestation Insights Suite of applications analyzes breath-to-breath OR data to find actionable insights and displays the analyses on your personal devices. Based on over 300 high-fidelity data points from the anesthesia machine and patient monitors, the insights can be leveraged to support decisions that drive perioperative productivity, reduce operating costs, and standardize best practices.

Data to drive change

Convenient decision-support tools from the palm of your hand help you reach your goals

No manual data input

Automatically collect over 500 high-fidelity data points from each breath a patient takes

Identify opportunities

Choose among six applications to help bring your vision of OR transformation into practice

Easy to understand

Intuitive, simple dashboard analyses are easy to interpret anytime, anywhere on personal devices

Let's drive change with perioperative decision support

Compassionate anesthesia

Let's support anesthesia providers with Carestation Insights applications that help make smart decisions that may optimize patient care. Dashboards can help drive best practices by measuring standardization of clinical protocols and tracking progress across anesthesia providers.

Connecting OR Managers

Collect OR data to help improve operational efficiencies. The OR Workflow application can help you keep OR times on schedule, while the Checkout application can help support quality objectives with visibility to machine checkout status before use.

Healthcare management of the future

Use Carestation Insights analyses to track greenhouse gas emissions needed to support sustainability goals. Share insights to encourage best practices that may help improve patient satisfaction.

  1. Actual time may vary slightly due to hospital network and processing times. Data Collected from Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Machine and CARESCAPE Patient Monitors. NOTE: Carestation Insights LIVE application does not generate data or alarms from the OR and displays alarms in the room for awareness.
  2. Footnote omitted to avoid confusion with Aisys CS2 product name.
  3. Mehta SP, Eisenkraft JB, Posner KL, Domino KB. Patient injuries from anesthesia gas delivery equipment. Anesthesiology 2013; 119: 788-95.
  4. Fleisher, L. A., & Linde-Zwirble, W. T. (2014). Incidence, outcome, and attributable resource use associated with pulmonary and cardiac complications after major small and large bowel procedures. Perioperative Medicine, 3(7). doi:10.1186/2047-0525-3-7.
  5. Only the Carestation Insights LIVE and AoA apps analyze data from both CARESCAPE Patient Monitors and Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Delivery System.

    *NOTE: Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older. Screen images are representative of the products, but may change in future product software updates.

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