The future made possible today! A technologically sophisticated digital anesthesia CarestationTM that is both clinically advanced and intuitive to the touch.

Advancements in digital technology are driving a new era of brilliant machines at GE. Aisys CS2 is a technologically sophisticated class of digital Carestation that also manages to be intuitive to the touch. Anchoring the Aisys CS2 is a sleek user-interface enabled by a 15-inch touchscreen display.

The ecoFLOW display option provides a graphical representation of oxygen flow and anesthetic agent use that can show you your preset target and calculate the cost of your agent consumed in real-time. Clinicians use the information to adjust oxygen flow to maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration and avoid unnecessarily high fresh gas flow rates.

Modular and upgradeable, with Aisys CS2 you're planning for the future while protecting your investment. Aisys CS2 isn't just another anesthesia delivery system...and it's not just a's the future! And it's here today.




The Aisys CS2 user interface was designed with intelligent menus that may help reduce set-up time and help minimize training needs. 

We analyzed countless Carestation data logs, reviewing keystrokes and menu interactions to design an intuitive user interface that truly fits the way you work. With timesaving quick picks, flatter menus and tunneling alarms, you can directly make adjustments like oxygen and flow settings with one touch. Features like the automatic checkout were designed to be fast and responsive, yet can be bypassed in an emergency.


When it comes to patient care, your monitor should be as adaptable as you are. Keeping data flowing is critical and quality care begins with accurate, timely data. CARESCAPE modular monitors can help you adapt to your patient's needs, helping you improve patient flow, better manage staff workload, and deliver consistent quality care across the perioperative environment.

You can count on:

  • Proven reliability and data accuracy - A legacy that combines the two great traditions of Datex-Ohmeda and Marquette Electronics.
  • Improved data access - Acquisition and analysis algorithms-along with other clinical intelligence accessible right at the bedside-support informed decisions that can contribute to better clinical outcomes.
  • User-friendly interface - Intuitive and easy to use, CARESCAPE modular monitors can help reduce training costs, and allow you to focus more on the patient and less on technology.
  • Connectivity - Easy connectivity to other hospital data takes pressure off your IT staff. CARESCAPE modular monitors leverage the networks you already use, bringing hospital applications to the bedside for clinical decision support.
  • Network compatibility - A real-time, always-on network backbone ties CARESCAPE modular monitors together for more connected, timely care.
  • Low-cost integration - CARESCAPE modular monitors have been designed to leverage your existing monitoring network without the cost and disruption of a full system replacement.
  • Maximize uptime - Software can be changed quickly and monitors can be serviced remotely, helping to prevent outages and improve uptime.
  • Easily configurable monitors - CARESCAPE modular monitors' ease-of-use reduces complexity across the hospital to help ensure more consistent care and enable staff to work more productively.
  • Remote serviceability - CARESCAPE modular monitors can often be easily serviced by our technicians remotely, so you can be up and running faster.


  • CARESCAPE* Monitor B850

    Connect devices in a flexible, scalable, integrated system that provides fast access to clinical intelligence across your enterprise. Reconfigure quickly for patient acuity and type. Large 19” touchscreen display.
  • INview* 360° Patient Display

    The INview* Patient Displays are mounted on a movable arm with 360° of rotation to allow flexibility and countless position choices to suit clinician preference. The INview system places critical information and controls in view and within reach.
  • Integrated Airway (Gas) Module

    The new and improved CARESCAPE Respiratory Module is a single-width compact airway gas module that performs using a smaller sample flow size and a 67% increase in Respiration Rate (RR) measurement range. Accuracy and enhanced performance specs in a compact, environmentally friendly design.
  • Advanced Breathing System (ABS)

    The 2.7 liter volume ABS delivers quick response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agent due to its small volume. Visible rising bellows helps indicate leaks. Autoclaveable—no tools disassembly.
  • Electronic Vaporization: Aladin2 Cassettes

    All three main components (vaporizer, ventilator and gas delivery) on Aisys CS² are digitally controlled. Clinicians can be confident that the information displayed is actually measured—not estimated. Anesthetic delivery accuracy exceeds published performance specifications of other electronic and conventional anesthesia vaporizers.
  • Advanced Breathing System (ABS)

    The 2.7 liter volume ABS delivers quick response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agent due to its small volume. Visible rising bellows helps indicate leaks. Autoclaveable—no tools disassembly.
  • Robust design for improved workflow

    Central Brake, metal work surfaces and top shelf mounting rails. Integrated gradual-level illumination. Three or four-drawer options. Supports horizontal and vertical mounting displays.