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It's easy to make decisions with an application that presents data and insights in intuitive ways without the need for manual data input. And that's what this application does. By aggregating full fidelity data from CARESCAPE patient monitors and Aisys CS2 anesthesia machines, the Adequacy of Anesthesia (AoA) digital application provides a simple and powerful way to track adherence to your AoA protocols, during and after anesthesia delivery.
AoA status view

Real time data for active cases

AoA analysis view

Retrospective case data and analytics

Support clinical, efficiency, and financial goals with application dashboards that leverage data from your Aisys CS² anesthesia delivery systems

This growing family of analytics applications is designed to harness the power of data from connected anesthesia machines and translate that data into actionable intelligence so you can optimize the performance of your OR.

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Adequacy of Anesthesia solution

Our Adequacy of Anesthesia (AoA) solution consists of powerful parameters, devices, consumables and a digital analytics application that may help you in your goals to improve outcomes, save costs and improve workflow efficiency.

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