Carestation™ Insights Agent Cost Application

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Automatic data capture

Helps reduce OR costs

Simplified analyses

Assess sustainability goals

Anesthetic agents are a large ongoing expense, so let's see how we can help you control costs and be eco-friendly.

The Carestation Insights Agent Cost App helps you implement a low-flow anesthesia strategy by providing visibility to fresh gas flows across all connected Aisys™ CS² Anesthesia Delivery Systems. It analyzes flow data to deliver insights on your personal devices about inhalational anesthetic agent use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions to help you adopt low-flow anesthesia practices and support your green sustainability initiatives.

Confident patient care with an intelligent OR ecosystem

Watch the story of how Dr. Johnson, Chief of Anesthesiology, transformed her hectic day into a streamlined workflow using the Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Delivery System with End-tidal Control and Carestation Insights Applications. Dr. Johnson is a fictional character.

Watch video

Visualize anesthetic agent use


See how researchers produced a 12% reduction in agent costs spend in this case study from Christchurch Hospital University New Zealand.

No manual steps required

Automatic flow tracking

A tool to drive change

Improving adherence to low-flow protocols

A greener world

Reduce OR emissions. Be eco-friendly.


Support OR clinical, efficiency, and financial goals with application dashboards that leverage data from your Aisys CS² anesthesia delivery systems.

This growing family of analytics applications is designed to harness the power of data from connected anesthesia machines and translates that data into actionable intelligence so you can optimize the performance of your OR.

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