Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Filters

Verified filters for GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machines

Appropriate for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, our B/V (bacterial/viral) and HEPA filters help prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses while also preventing cross infection to and from the patient during anesthesia or other types of ventilation. Our HMEFs (Heat and Moisture Exchange Filters) are used to protect patients from cross infection in addition to warming and humidifying inspired gases.

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Mechanical ventilation and anesthesia are prone to cross-contamination which puts both patients and staff at risk. GE Healthcare's wide range of high-quality breathing circuit filters have been designed for optimal performance—providing simple and efficient solutions to help ensure patient safety.


GE Healthcare's HMEFs and filters are tested and verified to function with GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. HMEF's and filters are compatible with the following products from our anesthesia machine portfolio:

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