• Advanced Tools

    *Only available on the Carestation 650 and 650c

    Automated procedures and time saving workflow tools

    Vital Capacity procedure

    • Automated bag “squeeze and hold” 
    • Set PEEP to help sustain open lung 2,3 

    Cycling procedure 

    • Clinician-configured ventilation procedures 
    • Programmable steps for increasing and decreasing PEEP levels 

    Pause Gas Flow

    Simplifies temporary circuit disconnects. One button temporarily stops all gas flows and suspends alarms, agent delivery and ventilation so you can place all your focus on the patient. 

    • Pause Gas feature helps prevent OR pollution 
    • Stops gas & agent flow and silences all alarms for up to 1 minute 

    Uncompromised Ventilation – Pediatric to Adult Low Tidal Volume Delivery

    • Tidal Volumes as low as 5 ml to the patient1
    • Sampling flow down to 120 ml/min 
    • Lung Capacity and FRC 
    • Compliance Measurement and Spirometry 
    • Smart Agent Settings Design
    • Circuit Compliance Compensation ensures that what you set is what you get, precisely showing what is delivered to the patient and taking into account volume in the patient circuit. 
    • Monitors and responds to changes in the patient’s airway pressure or respiratory efforts up to 250 times per second. 
    • Precision volume and pressure delivery to the patient Y-piece, breath by breath, help reduce the challenges in managing pediatric patients.

    1. GE benchmark studies from 2011: GE Healthcare PCV to Tidal Volume Data Collection Test Results. Actual results may vary and are dependent on the patient. DOC0933949/DOC0970424 

    2. Tusman, G., Bohm, S. H., Tempra, A., Melkun, F., Garcia, E., Turchetto, E., . . . Lachmann, B. (2003). Effects of recruitment maneuver on atelectasis in anesthetized children. Anesthesiology, 98(1), 14-22. 

    3. Reinius, H., Jonsson, L., Gustafsson, S., Sundbom, M., Duvernoy, O., Pelosi, P., . . . Freden, F. (2009). Prevention of atelectasis in morbidly obese patients during general anesthesia and paralysis: a computerized tomography study. Anesthesiology, 111(5), 979-987.

Carestation Advantage


hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-cs650_us_b650_pdm_back_hotspot tour_jpg
  • 15" color ventilator display

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-15-inch-screen-hero_jpg
  • Three storage drawers and flip shelf options

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_10_jpg
  • Durable wheels, central brake and cable pushers

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_11_jpg
  • Supports a variety of patient monitor mounts (Configuration shown features CARESCAPE Monitor B650)

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_12_jpg
  • Compact Breathing System (CBS-600)

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_2_jpg
  • Easy change absorbent canister

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-absorband canister-hero_jpg
  • Control dials with digital flow display

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-control-lighting-hero_jpg
  • Integrated standard ACGO and optional integrated features including auxiliary O2, suction control, CO2 bypass and multiple monitor integration kits

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_5_jpg
  • Integrated CARESCAPE Respiratory Module

    hotspot tours-carestation 650 new-carestation_650_hs_6_jpg
  • Tec* 7 vaporizers: planned factory service free

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-tec-vaprizers-hero_jpg
  • Control lighting

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-control-lighting-hero_jpg
  • Durable work surfaces and handles

    hotspot tours-carestation 620-carestation-frontpanel_jpg