MIC Corometrics* 250cx Series Full Service Training


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    About this class

    The Maternal Infant Care Corometrics* 250cx Series monitor can be used for routine non-invasive and invasive fetal monitoring throughout labor and delivery. This Maternal/Fetal Monitor is intended for monitoring maternal vital signs to help assess maternal well-being. This course provides information on system components and the service tasks required to operate, troubleshoot, service and calibrate this system.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be prepared to:

      • Identify the features of Corometrics 250cx series
      • Identify functional differences between Corometrics 256 and 259 models
      • Identify external components of the Corometrics 250cx series
      • Perform installation and configuration
      • Identify checks, maintenance and calibration requirements
      • Perform FRU replacement
      • Perform electrical safety test
      • Troubleshoot service scenarios utilizing the Service Manual
    • Target Audience

      • Biomedical equipment technicians
      • Biomedical and clinical engineers
    • Prerequisite


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