Carescape VC150 Vital Signs Monitor Service Training


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    About This Class

    Patient Monitoring

    The course is an overview of the CARESCAPE VC150 monitor and peripherals, illustrating the practical skills needed to install, configure, and troubleshoot the device. Participants are involved in basic clinical software navigation and the comprehension of software configuration and service tools. The course provides a detailed explanation of the individual hardware and software components, their integration and interconnectivity with other system components. Participants learn skills in interactions designed to reinforce principles reviewed in the course.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview


      Upon successful completion of this training program and in compliance with applicable documentation, the service professional should be able to:
      – Provide an overview of the main features of the VC150
      – Explain the purpose of the power LED indicators
      – Explain the mounting options
      – List the temperature measurement technologies used
      – List the SpO2 technologies used
      – List the NIBP technologies used
      – Explain the different features on the main display
      – Prepare to VC150 for first use
      – Configure alarms
      – Enter the service mode and review system info
      – Enter the service mode and perform maintenance
      – Enter the service mode and set time, date, and regional settings
      – Enter the service mode and configure connectivity
      – Enter the service mode and configure printing
      – Provide connectivity for EMR systems, ADT and LDAP
      – Troubleshoot hardware, software, and connectivity issues
      – Review error, EMT transaction, and productivity metrics
      – Perform planned maintenance

      – CARESCAPE VC150

    • Target Audience

      Biomedical equipment technicians

      Biomedical and clinical engineers

    • Prerequisite

      Prerequisites: None

      Recommended but not required: the learner to have knowledge of wireless networking technology to support the V150 model.

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