PET Radiochemistry Systems
TRACERcenter Solutions


Ease of use and reliability

Routine operation can be performed by a trained hospital technician

Minimal space requirements

Based on our industry-leading vertical, mid-plane cyclotron design

Our systems are fully automated

Isotope production requires no more than five simple steps from start to finish

Safe for maintenance personnel

Radiation dose significantly reduced when combined with quick-release components

PET Radiochemistry Systems

FASTlab™ 2 New Edition is a multi-tracer platform

From easy GMP production of key tracers to implementing tracers developed in-house or by partners.

TRACERlab™ FX2 Series

Leading the way to new discoveries and enabling novel tracer development around the world.

TRACERcenter Solutions

Lower your overall operating costs

By 25% with easy-to-use, automated equipment that can be operated by your existing personnel

Your trusted multi-vendor solution

Reliable, pre-approved third-party vendor partners

Validated equipment packages

Compliant with local regulations and GMP guidelines

Largest service footprint in the industry

Fast, local and remote support you need for both our own and third-party equipment

Total Gallium. On demand.

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