Omni Legend
Discovery MI Gen 2
Discovery MI DR
Discovery IQ Gen 2

Omni Legend

See small lesions2

Better than the top-of-the-line digital platform2

High sensitivity and resolution

Powered by an all-new digital detector

Ultra-fast scanning

With enhanced workflow and multi-dimensional clinical flexibility

Discovery MI Gen 2

Smaller lesions

Up to a 41% increase in small lesion detectability3

Highest sensitivity

Achieve a 125% increase in sensitivity4


Deep-learning based image reconstruction with Revolution EVO Gen 3 CT

Discovery MI DR

High sensitivity, small lesion detectability

LightBurst LBS Detector delivers the high sensitivity needed to capture the greatest number of counts

Clinical versatility

Explore PET capabilities beyond oncology to include cardiac and brain imaging

Expand your patient service offerings

With standalone diagnostic CT capability


A system ready to leverage software innovations and digital solutions

Discovery IQ Gen 2

High NEMA sensitivity

for exceptional small lesion detectability

High clinical NECR

for clinical 18F

Enhanced patient care

comfort and satisfaction

Motion correction & quantitation accuracy

Improvements to two core pillars of PET/CT imaging


No need for a gating device

Initiating MotionFree is as easy as selecting a protocol

Up to a 67% improvement

in lesion volume measurements5

Avoid adding to patient setup time

Up to a 30 percent improvement in quantitation accuracy6

Improve the patient experience

Enable a reduction in total procedure times by up to 11 minutes7


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