Verisound™ AI

GE HealthCare's innovative AI solutions enable smarter scan guidance, greater workflow productivity, and more informed clinical decision support across our ultrasound portfolio.  
Scan Guidance
Workflow Productivity
Clinical Decision Support

Scan Guidance

Help improve quality and increase scan confidence for even the newest ultrasound users. Caption Guidance™ supports proficiency of cardiac scans for clinicians of all experience levels through AI-enabled image optimization.

Real-time guidance

Turn-by-turn on-screen support helps new users scan with confidence.

Diagnostic quality images

A Quality Meter measures image quality to achieve diagnostic-quality scans.

Automated capture

AutoCapture tool automatically saves images without needing to press record. 

Expanding access

Improve access to care by giving more of your team the power of cardiac ultrasound.

Workflow Productivity

Minimize redundancy and maximize results. Automating functions helps you perform more tasks more effectively in less time and with less effort.
GE HealthCare’s AI tools help clinicians work smarter and more efficiently, using proprietary algorithms to synthesize data and simplify processes.

Less clicks, more care

AI AutoMeasure 2D measures left ventricle size with up to 80% less clicks.1

Reduced manual effort

Whizz Label eliminates 2-4 tedious manual steps from the scan process.2

Results in seconds

Thyroid Assistant powered by Koios DS produces results in 2 seconds or less.

Next-level nerve blocks

cNerve on Venue™ family systems helps detect and track nerves in 99% of cases.3

Clinical Decision Support

Adding AI technology to ultrasound significantly adds to clinical knowledge. AI-supported scans enrich the ultrasound experience for patient and providers by putting relevant clinical and detection information at providers’ fingertips more quickly and accurately. This creates a clearer and more comprehensive picture for more informed care.

Precision over procedures

Breast Assistant, powered by Koios DS, reduces benign biopsy up to 69%.4

Higher sensitivity

QVCAD™* increases sensitivity for cancer lesion detection up to 93%.5

Greater image consistency

Auto Measure and Easy Auto EF tools can deliver 100% reproducibility.6

Better provider consensus

Thyroid Assistant powered by Koios DS™* helps reduce inter-reader variability up to 41%.7

Care Areas

Supporting a wide array of care areas

From cardiology to POCUS and everything in between, our
GE HealthCare ultrasound systems offer AI tools which can help
make a difference in your day to day.

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*Not available in all regions.
†SonoLyst incorporates the AI technology of Intelligent Ultrasound.

*Data on file.

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