Look closer at the Ready, Scan, Go Ultrasound Workflow

Ready, Scan, Go™ ultrasound workflow for the GE HealthCare Venue™ Family is a simple, three-step, end-to-end solution that maximizes accuracy, efficiency, security, and billing potential.
At a Glance

Easy logins

Focus on care instead of time-consuming and distracting login processes.

Eliminate ghost scans

ViewPoint 6 tracks clinician and patient data for more accurate billing.

Better security & control

Next-level flexibility provides better protection of patient information.

Streamlined workflow

A smarter process saves clinicians and adminstrators time and effort.

Welcome to the future of point of care ultrasound. The Venue Family is the only POCUS platform with Ready, Scan, Go

Ready, Scan, Go is a time-saving workflow solution with user badge scanning (Imprivata®) and patient wristband scanning (barcode). Imprivata Medical Device Access helps organizations optimize use of interconnected medical devices to improve delivery of care, strengthen security, and maintain compliance. It also improves efficiency for clinicians and gives them more time to focus on patient care.



time-savings by using RFID badge scanning vs. manual entry*


time-savings with barcode scanning of patient bracelet data*


time-savings with ViewPoint 6 reporting in the Venue system*


time-savings by implementing an encounter-based workflow*

Cut time, not corners

Ready, Scan, Go is enabled with three key functions to enhance your workflow

This workflow aligns all key functions to reduce clinicians’ administrative time so they can focus on patient care, while administrators profit from reliability, increased productivity, and accurate billing for reimbursement.

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Focus on patients, not process

The GE HealthCare Venue™ Family with Ready, Scan, Go is the only POCUS platform enabled with Imprivata®. This feature allows clinicians to sign in with an RFID badge reader making their logins simple, fast, and secure.

It's all in the wrist

Importing patient information is intuitive and secure with wristband barcode scanning. This one-step process is critical for POCUS and another important time-saver. Simply scan patients’ wrists and their data populates the device automatically.

More accurate and reliable reporting

ViewPoint™ 6 aligns with medical guidelines for maximum compliance and allows for QA documentation while tracking the type and number of every exam a healthcare provider performs. This allows for ultrasound QA and credentialing separately in EMRs.

World-class ultrasound imaging is just the start.

Ready, Scan, Go from the Venue Family is a game-changing resource for clinicians, patients, and administrators that removes the burden of process-related delays, inaccurate imaging, and reporting gaps.

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*Based on DOC2757861
ViewPoint 6 is only available in the US.