ViewPoint™ 6 Ultrasound Reporting Software for Point of Care

ViewPoint 6 provides simple and efficient ultrasound reporting in a clinical environment where every moment matters.

Simple reporting

Complete, accurate reports with standardized templates and tools.

Efficient workflows

Eliminate clicks and save time with integrated reporting.

Effortless integration

Automates the data flow: ultrasound console to ViewPoint 6 to EMR/ HIS/PACS.

Advanced image management

Easily access your patients' images, clips, and comparisons.

Capture data quickly and accurately in your ED.

In the Emergency Department, every minute—every second—counts. ViewPoint 6 for Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) gives you an intuitive workflow solution for fast and accurate ultrasound reporting where and when you need it. ViewPoint 6 supports Encounter-Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW), documentation, and archiving of ultrasound studies for patients who need urgent care.
Product details

A second can make a world of difference.

That’s why ViewPoint 6 now provides fast ultrasound documentation in emergency situations. Optimized workflow, integration and automated data transfers, and image management help you achieve your most effective POCUS workflow.
Simple reporting

Create complete and accurate ultrasound reports with standardized templates and tools.

When time isn't on your side, simple reporting makes a difference. With ViewPoint 6 for Point of Care, you have standardized templates based on ACEP guidelines for the most common ED exams, including EFAST, Abdominal Aorta, Thoracic, Vascular Access, and more.
Efficient workflows

Encounter-Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW) to support you from patient arrival to exam archiving.

ViewPoint 6 for Point of Care ultrasound now supports EBIW:

  • • Create a worklist without an order from your HIS
  • • Configurable worklist requests
  • • Automatic exam generation
  • • Link the exam to an ID provided by hospital after the ultrasound exam
Effortless integration

Automate the data flow from your ultrasound to ViewPoint 6, then to your EMR, HIS, or PACS.

The full integration of ViewPoint 6 into your IT infrastructure allows for a more efficient flow of patient information. The patient’s report, coupled with images and measurements from the exam, can be stored in ViewPoint 6 and sent wherever needed. This means you won't waste valuable time searching for important patient data or worrying about documenting exams at the end of your shift.
Advanced image management

Easily access images, clips, and comparisons to save time and enhance confidence.

The ViewPoint 6 advanced viewer gives you easy access to ultrasound images, dynamic clips, and comparisons to prior studies for quicker exam reviews.

Annotation and measurement tools are available within the image viewer for editing.

Secure your software investment.

Ensure optimal functionality and long-term value via timely updates, security patches, technical, and clinical support. Access ongoing educational capabilities and the optional ViewPoint 6 DataStudio for enhanced data analysis.

ViewPoint 6 DataStudio²

Standard queries are available for operational and clinical data, including those for ACEP credentialing and ED lab managers.

Ultrasound IT Academy

This product training portal offers video tutorials and guides to help you optimize outcomes and maximize utilization.

Reliable support when you need it

Our experienced clinical and application experts, interface and technical engineers, and support teams can help address unique requests and make sure your needs are met.

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Optimize your workflow with ViewPoint 6.