High-level disinfection of ultrasound probes

Helping you automate and standardize probe disinfection, GE Healthcare brings you solutions that simplify the process, minimize the possibility for errors, and maximize compliance. Because when you properly disinfect ultrasound probes, you protect staff, help your facility’s bottom line, and most importantly, deliver quality care to patients.

To learn more about cleaning GE Healthcare ultrasound products, visit these resources:

For specific information, refer to the product user manual or use this link.
For select products, the user manual may be available onboard the system.
For more information about cleaning your scanner, visit the GE Healthcare Cleaning Compatibility website.
To find cleaning and disinfection information for transducers, visit this web page.
Watch an informational video from Jeff Hersh, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of GE Healthcare on using ultrasound in a health crisis.
Tricefy™ inside your Voluson™ and ViewPoint™ is offering a free COVID-19 collaboration package for 90 days to healthcare providers globally.
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HLD solutions

We offer disinfection solutions for TEE transducers and ultrasound probes—depending on your needs.

GE HLD Solutions

The importance of HLD

Guidelines & recommendations

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