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Expert Advisory Services

Our dedicated oncology advisory team will work with you to design rapid diagnostic programs and become market leaders.

Connectivity & Interoperability Platforms

We enable the ability to bring together patient data and connect modalities, devices, and digital solutions across diagnostic and clinical departments and health care entities.

Patient Education

Customizable educational material to address the needs of patients and their caretakers with information to help improve experience at every step of the care pathway.

Transform precise and personalized cancer care

Broad portfolio of solutions across precision imaging and radiopharmaceuticals enable radiation therapy planning and guidance with a focus on the individualized care pathway.
Now you can see some of the world's preferred guidance solutions all in one place. We believe in the power of precision health in the fight against cancer. After all, when you’re treating a disease on the cellular level, areas are defined by fractions of millimeters. As a result, you must have the right equipment and tools to precisely locate a lesion, diagnose it, define its shape, plan and guide its treatment, as well as monitor its progress.

Our goal is to empower you to accomplish that, and more, with your Radiation Therapy practice.

Timely, personalized care for every patient

Complex problems, like the treatment of cancer, require comprehensive solution sets. GE HealthCare has adopted a broad-based, holistic approach toward the fight against cancer.

In terms of Radiation Oncology offerings, ours begins with a full line of multi-modality Radiation Therapy (RT) imaging and workstation products and solutions, including:


Revolution™ Apex Platform provides uncompromised access to all that CT has to offer for head and neck, lung, breast, and pelvis imaging.

Discovery RT enables you to see all your CT can see for every patient in any position. Works efficiently with smart applications to reduce metal artifacts in a single scan and achieve respiratory gating without an external device.


SIGNA™ Artist our premium 1.5T MR system, leverages intelligent scanning technology to enable patient-friendly exams with optimal image quality in less time.

SIGNA™ Architect our premium 3.0T MR system, provides high-quality diagnostic imaging in the treatment position that enable you to target and treat patient cancers without harming surrounding healthy tissues.


Discovery™ MI Gen 2 is the next generation of the world's first digital PET/CT, engineered to allow you to image even more. With a scalable FOV capable of an impressive 30 centimeters of digital detection coverage¹, enabling an exceptionally high sensitivity of 30 cps/kbq,¹ this translates to a system designed to provide significant improvements in scan times or dose levels.


Optimizing the highly-targeted, personalized oncological care now made possible by Theranostics (therapeutics & diagnostics) requires accurate quantitation. This is what drove the creation of StarGuide.

StarGuide attains resolution and sensitivity levels so critical in monitoring doses from therapy. Its next-generation CZT detectors are capable of imaging the dual energy peaks of 177Lu essential to Theranostics.


Versana Premier™ ultrasound system can help you deliver high-quality urological care, patient after patient, day after busy day. A wide variety of probes and clinical features specifically for urology let you provide quick and comfortable exams, see clearly, diagnose a broad range of conditions, and perform precise biopsies. Click below to learn more about GE's acquisition of BK Medical & the Brachytherapy offering.
These are not GE HealthCare solutions and may not be available for sale by GE HealthCare.


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1. Not all products or features are available in all geographies. Check with your local GE HealthCare representative for availability in your country.

2. Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm configuration with WB Dynamic IQ Protocol is CE marked. It is 510(k) pending at U.S. FDA. Not available for sale in the U.S.

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